NFL investigates two teams for possible manipulation in free agent contracts – La Opinion

NFL investigates two teams for possible manipulation in free agent contracts – La Opinion


The NFL began an investigation this Thursday for possible manipulation out of time on behalf of the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles in the hiring of Kirk Cousins ​​and Saquon Barkley, respectively, before the start of free agency.

If it is proven that these teams had approaches with the players before the beginning of the allowed periodwhich was last March 11, the Falcons and Eagles could be sanctioned with at least the loss of one round of the Draft.

Last Wednesday, Cousins, 35 years old who defended the Minnesota Vikings for six seasons, signed a contract of four years and $180 million dollars to be the ‘quarterback’ of the Atlanta Falcons.

And Barkley, who played for the New York Giants between 2018 and 2023, signed an agreement to become the Philadelphia Eagles’ main running back through the 2026 season for $37.75 million.

What are the NFL’s suspicions?

The Falcons are under investigation because they are suspected of coming into contact with the quarterback through Kyle PittsAtlanta tight end, something that Kirk Cousins ​​hinted at last Wednesday at the press conference in which he was introduced to his new team.

“Kyle was the first one, if I remember correctly, who was recruiting a few weeks ago. It’s always fun to be loved and I appreciate that and he did a great job leading that charge,” Cousins ​​explained to the media.

And he added that Pitts sent him a message weeks ago on his phone telling him that Falcons was waiting for him.

“We are ready for you to take us to the promised land,” the passer shared the content of the message.

In the case of Barkley, the league is investigating an alleged conversation, before last Monday, of the running back with Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

This information was announced last Monday by James Franklin, coach of Penn State, ‘alma mater’ of Saquon Barkley.

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