Nikke announces that a mysterious new collaboration is on the way

Nikke announces that a mysterious new collaboration is on the way

The Goddess of Victory: Nikke continues to grow by leaps and bounds and they have now announced what will be a new future collaboration, which, as always expected, will bring a lot of content for all players, but there is one aspect which caught the attention of fans of the title. Shift-Up. And the fact is that, although the collaboration was announced, it has not yet been really revealed with which other franchise the crossover will take place, although the theories have already begun from the community, and there is one that has the best chance of being chosen.

Nikke will collaborate with a new franchise soon

Nikke CollaborationNikke Collaboration

Through their different social networks, such as Twitter/Xthe popular gacha-style video game The Goddess of Victory: Nikke announced that in the near future he will be carrying out a new collaboration, like the one he already did in the past with anime Chainsaw Man or the video game NieR: Automata. But uncertainty flooded the post, since the person chosen this time to be part of the crossover did not officially present himself, so fans have already begun to carry out their own research in search of a candidate.

And the names presented were very varied, including both recognized franchises from the world of anime, as well as video games, so the variety is such that the number of comments in each of the publications where the event is discussed They are counted in thousands. Among some of the most popular franchises we find Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Or until sailor Moonpassing through other well-known video games, such as the most popular, Stellar Bladethe next release from Shift-Up, the developer of Nikke.

But the fans have a clear name and who they aim to be the real team, we mean Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World, and the clues are more than clear for those who presented the evidence, without going any further, the color palette used in the question mark is the same as that used in the name of the anime. There is even one more piece of evidence that may be the most compelling and that would really provide proof that Re: Zero would be the one selected, being that a while ago the anime collaborated with the game Epic Seven, using identical typography.

Below we share the official image of the official collaboration between Re:Zero and Epic Seven, where you can see the similarities, both in the colors used, but especially in the “X” that is between the two franchises, very similar to the ones used Nikke for this ad:

Epic Seven Re ZeroEpic Seven Re Zero

As the fans were the ones who echoed the most about this announcement of NikkeAlthough, as we mentioned, the comments are flooded with theories, many were also excited about a new collaboration, since those that were carried out in the past were very successful for the game. And there is a constant with each of these events, being that the amount of rewards granted to players is usually more than juicy, among them the most anticipated a good number of new characters, the vast majority of them “waifus.” , so we only have to wait for the collaboration to become official.

For those who don’t know Nikke, this is a popular gacha-style video game that is characterized by turning the user into the commander of a group of artificially created soldiers known as “Nikkes”, and that in addition to being machines created for combat, are represented in the form of cute and varied “waifus”. The game system of this title is based on forming teams of 5 girls who will face beings known as “Raptures” that besiege the earth, fighting in a wide variety of scenarios. The Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available for free on mobile devices and PC.



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