Niuka Marcos ‘tooth and nail’ defends her son Emilio from criticism for his role in the series “The Last King”

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Without fear of 鈥榳hat will they say鈥 and with the fierceness of a mother, Niurka Marcos He went out to face the accusations of which his son Emilio Osorio has been a victim for his interpretation as Alexander Fernandez in the series 鈥淭he last king鈥 of Televisa Univisi贸n. Here we tell you what he said!

In an interview with various media and taken up by the program 鈥淪ale el Sol鈥, the vedette spoke about the criticism that his son has received as a result of his role as 鈥楨l Potrillo鈥 in the series produced by her ex-partner, Juan Osorio.

In this regard, Niurka Marcos indicated that despite his young age, Emilio has managed to function as a great student: 鈥淗e is doing a job alongside his father, who is a great teacher and a great guide. And other, he has people with a lot of experience who are teaching him and he is like his mother, a great student鈥淗e said before the cameras.

In addition, he assured that when criticism is constructive, it is well received; however, those that arise with the intention of hurting are the product of envy.

鈥淣egative criticism that is not constructive, that does not contribute anything and that is outdated and offensive criticism, annoying, the only thing that detonates is the thermostat of its success. The more they envy me and the more they try to fuck me, the more they raise me, the more they catapult me鈥渁dded Niurka Marcos.

Another issue that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the Cuban was the legal dispute that the Fern谩ndez family launched against Televisa for the production and transmission of the 鈥淐harro de Huentit谩n鈥 bioseries.

鈥淚 believe that the executives of Emilio Azc谩rraga, Televisa, Juan and the lawyers are not going to throw themselves into the ring without being propped up, without having bases and without being protected,鈥 he said. 鈥They should not be underestimated because they are 鈥榦ld wolves鈥 and they are really used to these legal warsThey know exactly what they are doing and they would be very stupid if they underestimate them, 鈥渃oncluded the former Adventurer.

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