No Case Closed?  The ONLY episode that Dr. Polo could not solve |  VIDEO

No Case Closed? The ONLY episode that Dr. Polo could not solve | VIDEO



Throughout the 18 years that the program was on the air Case closedthe Doctor Polo He became a reference for justice, in addition to being one of the people most respected by the Latin community for his good heart; However, there is only one case in which he could not solve the judge of Cuban origin and here we tell you what it is and these were the reasons and impediments to being able to achieve it, since it was one of the great challenges to his career And experience.

Let us remember that it was in 2019 when the Show came out of the programmatic bar of the Telemundo network, This is because none of the filmmakers decided to continue it, which marked the end of an era for the Spanish speaking people, But to date, the popular program continues to be a topic of conversation around the world for the way in which it exposes the problems of thousands of migrants through different problematic.

What is a fact is that the judge born in Havana Cuba, He was always distinguished by his professionalism, and good eye for delivering justice in each of the episodes that came his way; However, his success is marked by a single case over 18 years of transmission which he could not resolve, because he did not give his traditional phrase: “I said, case closed”and here we tell you what it is and these were the reasons.

The only Case Closed program to which no solution was given

Let us remember that there has been much speculation that the veracity of one of the most successful programs in Telemundo were not true, so it has been mentioned that everything is part of a simple performance, but on more than one occasion Ana Maria Polo has assured that all the cases are real, and although some panelists are extras to safeguard the identity of those truly involved, nothing that happened on set was acted, since from one moment to the next things could beget rid of control.

However, there was only one case, in which the Cuban judge now 64 years old could not offer a resolution due to the complexity of the issue they were addressing, since the rage of the Cuban came to light and he could not finish the program correctly, so things did not turn out as they usually did and through social networks the story has gone viral and here we present it to you.

This is a show that happened at the beginning of Case closedwhen Ana María Polo, tried to resolve the case, instructing a man that the best thing was to divorce her partner, because for her, this person should grant the divorce, but things got out of control when from one moment to the next she was abruptly interrupted by the panelist who was upset and assured her that she was no one to tell him to do.

  • “Listen to me, you have to file for divorce, because you cannot be married…” said Ana María before being interrupted.
  • “I’m not going to have a divorce because I don’t feel like it, and you’re no one to tell me that, I’ll divorce whenever I want,” argued the panelist.
  • “You are shameless, the case is over, gentlemen, get out, I don’t want you here, the case is over.”


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