Norberto Scoponi, former assistant to “Tata” Martino, criticizes the dust he raised in the Mexican National Team, the comment of a comedian – La Opinion

Norberto Scoponi, former assistant to “Tata” Martino, criticizes the dust he raised in the Mexican National Team, the comment of a comedian – La Opinion

One of the characters who could give certainty or clarify the entire series of criticisms that were generated against the former coach of the Mexico National Team Gerardo Martino He is undoubtedly his compatriot Norberto Scoponi, who was part of the coaching staff of the Aztec team in the last World Cup process and who in this regard stated that: “I don’t understand why there is so much controversy over what a comedian has said,” he highlighted.

In an interview with the newspaper Récord, Scoponi clearly explained the serious accusation made by a television host against Gerardo Martino of having sold the party for not using the game against Argentina in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to defender Edson Álvarez the following.

“That’s what any ignorant person who doesn’t know about football says. and that he does anything, people who know about football know that it will never happen and it will not happen, because if I am a public person and I say that it is because that is going to happen, but it is something dishonest about this person,” he said. .

Norberto Scoponi even highlighted that: “It is valid, those who make a living from journalism must be serious, but I do not believe that what a comedian says is valid,” he highlighted.

Martino’s former assistant also spoke about the criticism made by the Tricolor players, Edson Álvarez, Andrés Guardado and Hirving “Chucky” Lozano, that both Martino and himself will not say anything that fuels the controversy: “He (Martino) is not going to say anything, nor is he going to think anything, it is the same as what I think. It’s too late to think about what happened and figure it out now. A lot of time has passed, things are talked about in the moment and corrected in the moment,” he said.

He also added that: “If there is something to correct or something to complain about, Now is not the time, what was done was done. “What happened, already happened, each one has to be aware of what they did or what they didn’t do, each one has to make their own self-criticism to continue growing and if not there is no self-criticism to continue growing, because it is wrong,” he said. .

Scoponi was asked if any player from the Mexican national team complained about something. To the former coach of the Aztec elevenna and the nicknamed “Gringo” he responded that: “No one complained about anything, they always spoke openly with the players, they always looked for the best. I am not very aware of what they say, nor am I very interested and after so much time, I think that any claim is out of place,” he highlighted.

In the talk he was also questioned about the reasons why Edson Álvarez did not play and whose decision by “Tata” Martino has generated all this controversy and responded that: “It’s easy, everyone has their position and their way of thinking and seeing the game, maybe you would have put it in if you had directed, at that moment maybe Martino He saw the possibility of putting it in and didn’t do it. “Martino had to lead a football team and that was his decision,” he commented.

Scoponi also referred to the untimely criticism and questions that have begun to arise about the Mexican selection process, where he was part of the coaching staff.

Gresca en la Expansion Golpea 1874738
Norberto Scoponi came out in defense of his compatriot Gerardo Martino due to the criticism leveled by some Mexican teams. Photo: Reneé Pérez/Agencia Reforma.

“What each person says remains in their conscience, what they do and do not do. Each one knows what he did, Everything remains in the conscience of each one. Whatever is discussed, each person will take responsibility for their own words and I will not say something that does not correspond to me,” he highlighted.

Finally, he said about Hirving “Chucky” Lozano’s comments that “Tata” Martino treated them like little children: “Discipline in soccer is very important, if you don’t have discipline playing in Europe, then you can’t stand out and I think that They treat you as each one is, but I think there should always be limits in everything you do,” he concluded.

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