VIDEO: Flamazo causes burns to a woman at a festival

VIDEO: Flamazo causes burns to a woman at a festival

A woman suffered burns after a flame struck her during a primary school festival.

A tragedy occurred within a primary school after a flame hit and burned a woman during a festival.

According to what was reported by local media, the accident occurred at a school located in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood.

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Likewise, it emerged that the incident occurred when a gas flare occurred at a festival at a school within the municipality of Ecatepec.

One of the women who was at the scene suffered burns, and other people experienced nervous breakdowns.

The situation occurred after the festival that was held for the birth of Benito Juárez when at the gathering a 20-kilogram tank burst into flames.

This burned a woman’s hands.

In a clip that was broadcast on the networks, it was observed how a stall began to catch fire in the school yard, which caused the minors to start screaming.

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Civil protection elements arrived at the incident to stop the flames, then removed it from the facilities.

The injured woman was taken to the hospital after being injured by the fire.

It was detailed that the tank was not installed correctly, which is why this fire was caused.

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