Oswaldo Sánchez applauds Memo Ochoa’s career, but insists on the change in the Tricolor goal – La Opinión

Oswaldo Sánchez applauds Memo Ochoa’s career, but insists on the change in the Tricolor goal – La Opinión

Former three-time World Cup goalkeeper Oswaldo Sánchez, current analyst from the TUDN chain he highlighted again in a conversation with The opinion, the need to seek change in the Tricolor goal for the World Cup 2026above all because Guillermo Ochoa, current starting goalkeeper of the selected from Mexico He would arrive at that universal tournament with 41 years on his back.

The former goalkeeper emerged from the Atlas quarry and with a career in Chivas, América and Santos He stressed that: “I don’t want my position to be misunderstood, I’m simply saying that for the 2026 World Cup, Memo will be 41 years old and his conditions will not be the same, so it is necessary to test other goalkeepers so that they become familiar,” he said.

And he added that: “One wonders what would happen if Memo is called up to the World Cup and is not going through his best moment and we do not have someone with experience to take over for him? That is the serious thing about the matter, it is not about underestimating the career of Memo”, he highlighted.

Do you think it is time for a generational change in the Tricolor goal?

It is time to give the baton to young people in goal little by little to see what they are made of, to see if they are reliable in the senior team, especially because Memo would arrive at the 41 years old to the 2026 World Cup and we have to see what conditions he will be in. to be there, that’s why you have to train others.

Should Jaime Lozano try Malagón as a starter in the Copa America?

Well, I don’t know whether to try Luis Malagón, but whether to alternate some games with Julio González himself, who is having a great tournament.

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Oswaldo Sánchez is not so convinced that Luis Malagón could be the clearest option to replace Memo Ochoa in the next 2026 World Cup. Photo: Pablo Ramírez/Imago7.

Good or bad that Guillermo Ochoa can reach his sixth World Cup?

It is great that he reaches his sixth World Cup, it speaks of a 24-year hegemony of a high level, the issue is how is he going to get there? That is why others must also be prepared for any contingency, but Memo’s performance is extraordinary

Should Luis Malagón, Carlos Acevedo, Rodolfo Cota or Julio Gonzalez be the goalkeepers in the Tricolor?

I think that the Tricolor goalkeepers should be in that deck behind Memo Ochoa, he is the starting goalkeeper at this moment, but between now and the World Cup anything can happen and if they are the goalkeepers who are running. I don’t know if Rodolfo Cota is due to age, but to think about another change, but well, it’s the goalkeepers who handle themselves as a generational change.

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In the 2026 World Cup Guillermo Ochoa will be 41 years old and for some, like his former colleague Oswaldo Sánchez, it is a factor to take into account when requesting a change in the goal of the Mexico team. Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda/Imago7.

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