Oswaldo Sánchez understands Santiago Giménez’s discontent and anger: “But sometimes you have to eat bench” – La Opinion

Oswaldo Sánchez understands Santiago Giménez’s discontent and anger: “But sometimes you have to eat bench” – La Opinion

The former goalkeeper of the Mexican national team and current TUDN commentator, Oswaldo Sánchez, he told The opinion that he understood the position and disagreement of Santiago Giménez for not seeing action in the duel against Panama, but at the same time he called on him to be calm and said that: “Many times you have to eat bench to be a figure of the stature of the Feyenoord striker from the Netherlands”.

In the telephone conversation with this publishing house, Oswaldo stated: “Of course you must be dissatisfied., because if they are not, it would be a sign that they are satisfied with what is happening. The player always wants to play. Tell me how many times I wanted to play and I had to go to the bench when I thought I deserved to be a starter.”

The so-called “San Oswaldo”, with a brilliant past both in Liga MX with Atlas, América, Chivas and Santos Laguna, where he accumulated around 840 games according to official figures, he knew a lot about these tasks that have happened on several occasions in the Mexican team to Santiago Giménez of staying on the bench, since the now commentator, even with all his career, had to assimilate staying on the bench in the World Cups in France 1998 and Korea and Japan 2002, until his big opportunity came in Germany 2006.

Oswaldo explained that Santiago Giménez’s disagreement is valid for not having played against Panama: “All the players who do not play must be dissatisfied, by nature to grow you have to be dissatisfied, you cannot stay with that dissatisfaction, but you must direct it towards something favorable for the future,” he highlighted.

The former goalkeeper highlighted that: “The important thing here is the Mexican team and if you have a striker with that desire to play, with that discontent, because when required he is going to jump headlong to help the team, then the selection is the one who would benefit.”

The two-time World Cup winner also highlighted what he would have done if he had been in the shoes of the Eredivise Feyenoord striker: “Each case is different, what can I tell you, I was a substitute on many occasions and I tried to take advantage of that.” , he mentioned.

Imago 1383125
Nobody like Oswaldo Sánchez to talk about well-focused discontent for not being a starter in the Mexican team. Photo: Rafael Vadillo/Imago7.

He also commented on the pros and cons of Santiago Giménez not having played against Panama: “The idea was for him to play, but the circumstances of the game meant that he had to be omitted and also Henry Martín, played a great game and also in The physical aspect is very complete,” he concluded.

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