Pedro supports Rafa Márquez as the possible replacement for Xavi Hernández – La Opinion

Pedro supports Rafa Márquez as the possible replacement for Xavi Hernández – La Opinion

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FC Barcelona has not had optimal performance in recent years. The Spanish team has had to deal with defeats and inconsistencies in processes. Xavi Hernández would leave the team at the end of the season. It is not yet known who his successor could be, but Pedro Rodríguez trusts Rafa Márquez.

After it was announced that Xavi Hernández would leave the Barça bench at the end of the season, Several have been the candidates to assume this position.

Rafa Márquez has been one of them, but the Aztec would have had two unfortunate actions that would have caused discomfort among the club’s leadership. The first is related to his statements about the position that Xavi Hernández occupies today and the second for its linking to a betting house. Despite this, Pedro supports the inclusion of the Mexican.

“Wishing all the luck to Rafa, in this case, I hope I can be the coach of Barça if Xavi finally, as I say, leaves, and does not continue… greetings to all of Mexico from here too,” said the Lazio forward in statements compiled by TNT Sports México.

The Mexican coach directs in the Barcelona Atlético. Rafa Márquez would have a point in his favor. In addition to his abilities on the bench, The value of the Aztec would not represent a major expense for FC Barcelona. It is worth mentioning that the club has been going through financial difficulties since the previous leadership.

Pedro wanted more opportunities for Xavi Hernández

In the event that the departure of Xavi Hernández from the Barça bench ends up being finalized, Pedro recognized his discomfort. The Lazio player shared several years with Hernández and they were partners on the field. Both starred in one of the best clubs in history.

“If Xavi leaves, the truth is that it is a shame because I would have liked him to be able to continue because he is a great friend“I also think he is a great coach,” he concluded.

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