Pee Wee arrested for drunk driving in the US: his photo is leaked from prison

Pee Wee arrested for drunk driving in the US: his photo is leaked from prison

He singer Pee Wee35 years old, started 2004 badly and badly after having been arrested this Saturday in United States.

According to journalist Carlo Urielhe former member of Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz went toarrested in the city of Hidalgo, Texasby driving while intoxicated.

He added that the manager of Irvin Salinas Martínez, real name of the singer, confirmed the arrest that occurred when he was heading home after leaving a meeting. The Police charged him with “driving while intoxicated”.

Carlo Uriel also shared on his social networks the photographs of Pee Wee booked by the Policewhere he is seen wearing a black jacket and black t-shirt.

However, until now, neither Pee Wee nor his representative Pepe Rincón have issued any official statement.

They publish video of Pee Wee celebrating before his arrest

Hours after confirming the Pee Wee arrest A video was released where the singer is seen very animated at a party before the arrest occurred and with the same clothes in which he was booked.

According to the influencer Chamonicthe former vocalist of Kumbia Kings he was drinking all night and when leaving the party “he was driving at excessive speed and very badly, jumping the lanes“, so the Police stopped their dangerous step.


Well, they tell me that Pee Wee had a party and woke up drinking… when he left the place, he was speeding and driving very badly, jumping lanes, etc. The police stopped him and it was obvious that he was very drunk and intoxicated (they don’t specify me). They took him away, according to anabolics he is not out of jail yet, but it is not confirmed yet, conclusion they gave him a DWI and he will have to go to court and to school 😳🙈

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Last year, Pee Wee was also involved in the controversy when a Mexican magazine with national circulation published that the singer she had married her manager and? he kept his sexual preferences a secret because his image among fans would be affected.

Pee Wee denied that he was gay and sued the magazine for publishing information that he considers a lie.

“I do it with the purpose that It will never be normalized that any media can speak without evidence nor foundations,” he stated Pee Wee by confirming that he would take legal action.

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