PHOTO: Ben Affleck is strongly criticized for his new appearance;  reveal that he looks “older” -El Diario NY

PHOTO: Ben Affleck is strongly criticized for his new appearance; reveal that he looks “older” -El Diario NY

Ben Affleck has once again become the target of criticism, comments and rumors due to her appearance. However, on this occasion it was not the “curious” and “funny” faces that he usually makes when he is in the company of his wife that were responsible for the new “attacks” towards the actor. Actually, it was his new look that caught the attention of a large number of users.

And thanks to his recent public appearance, together with Jennifer Lopez and his son Samuel, the result of his relationship with the actress Jennifer Garnerit could be seen that the Oscar winner decided to leave behind one of the most characteristic elements of his personality: his beard.

Due to the above, and contrary to what most imagined, the actor was severely criticized by a large number of users who pointed out that Affleck He looked “older” and “unkempt” with this new look.

Ben Affleck’s new look divides opinions

In addition to the first comments, other Internet users did not fail to mention that the “Argo” interpreter also looked “strange” in addition to “disheveled.” However, and contrary to the above, a large group of followers and fans of the director also mentioned that with this appearance he looks much younger in addition to commenting that “the new look suits him well.”

In addition to the diversity of comments, other users also highlighted that, for the first time, the cheerful American was noticed next to his wife.

Matt Damon participating in a press conference.

It is worth remembering that since his return with Jennifer Lopezthe appearance of Affleck It has become the center of a large number of debates, comments and rumors. And thanks to the diversity of photographs where the actor is seen “suffering” or “suffering” from every moment next to his wife due to his “curious” and even “funny” faces, no one can deny that the winner of the Oscar doesn’t seem to have the best time when he’s caught in public.

Given this variety of rumors, the same interpreter of “On The Floor” has pointed out, through various interviews, that although her husband’s face usually appears “fed up”, the truth is that in reality it “is difficult” for him to express himself in a way genuine and “ends” by showing gestures that seem the opposite.

It is worth mentioning that during the same game he was in Ben Affleck and JLoa curious moment arose when the singer met the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, with whom he approached and gave him a warm hug.

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