They attack Eiza González after revealing that she lost many roles for being “very beautiful” – El Diario NY

They attack Eiza González after revealing that she lost many roles for being “very beautiful” – El Diario NY

During the last years, Eiza Gonzalez She has become one of the Latin actresses with the greatest growth, projection and popularity. And after making her debut in the artistic field through various Mexican soap operas, the actress has managed to become part of major world productions such as “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw“, “Godzilla vs Kong“, among other.

However, and to the surprise of many, the “Battle Angel: Alita” performer has also been discarded and set aside for a large number of roles due to a little thought factor: her appearance.

I remember being told on so many projects: ‘She’s too pretty for the role. She’s too attractive for the role.’”

Eiza Gonzalez


Users remind Eiza González of the surgeries she has undergone

Through an interview with InStyle, the actress also revealed that to “avoid” losing more roles because of her “beauty,” she chose to take various measures such as “shaving” her head, wearing less sexy clothes, among other actions.

However, and after the revelations of the Mexican actress, a large number of users attacked the artist by calling her a “diva” and “arrogant.” Still others pointed out that the actress “was modest” and that the real reason why she did not get various roles was because of her short career in Hollywood and the little recognition she still has.

Eiza González posing.

The statements of Eiza They also brought “to light” a diversity of images where various users pointed out that the Mexican woman’s “beauty” comes from the diversity of cosmetic surgeries she has undergone over the years.

It is worth mentioning that in previous weeks, Eiza Gonzalez He became the target of criticism after publishing a series of images where he looked “very different” from his well-known face. And although the actress decided not to reveal or explain her new look, a large number of Internet users revealed that the actress “had gone too far with touch-ups” and that she had stopped being attractive.

Eiza González posing.
Eiza González is part of the new Netflix series “3 Body Problem”.
Credit: Mezcalo

Eiza González continues strong in Hollywood

Despite the diversity of comments regarding its appearance, Eiza Gonzalez He continues to show his great talent through various international productions. At the beginning of the year, the singer was also part of the new Amazon series, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, in addition to becoming part of the cast of the English director’s new film Guy Ritchie, along with great stars like Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Likewise, the Mexican recently premiered her new series of Netflix titled “3 Body Problem.”

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