PHOTO: Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s baby is surprising because of its great resemblance to the singer’s children with Dayanara Torres – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s baby is surprising because of its great resemblance to the singer’s children with Dayanara Torres – El Diario NY

After months of speculation regarding the appearance of “Marquito”, the superstar’s first child Mark Anthony and the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreirathe baby’s face was finally revealed through the official Instagram accounts of both artists, with a tender congratulatory message:

Happy 9 months my everything (heart emoji) mommy and daddy love you!!!!”

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However, and in addition to the large number of reactions from the fans of both stars, various users could not ignore the enormous similarity that exists between little “Marquito” and the singer’s children with Dayanara Torres of babies.

The appearance of “Marquito” never ceases to surprise

Through the same social networks, and after the publication of Ferreira and Anthonyseveral people rescued an old photograph where you can see the singer’s children with Torres as babies: Christian and Ryancurrently 23 and 20 years old.

This image, in addition to revealing the number of children of the dancer, also confirmed the great similarity that exists between the new son of Mark and his older stepbrothers when they were infants.

Children of Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony.
Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony raised Cristian and Ryan.
Credit: Courtesy

This comparison also clarified for the fans of the singer with Latin roots what little “Marquito” will look like when he grows up thanks to the great similarity in appearance he has with his stepbrothers.

It is worth mentioning that prior to comparing “Marquito” with the children of Mark with Deyanara Torresanother group of users also rescued an old photograph of a girl of the same Nadia Ferreira because, according to the same Internet users, he also has a great similarity with his son through his eyes.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira posing on a red carpet.

Will Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony become parents again?

In previous weeks, and before the revelation of “Marquito”, a large number of rumors began to spread through various social networks regarding a new pregnancy in Nadia Ferreira.

The first “signal” came from the Paraguayan’s own Instagram account, which drew special attention due to the number of photographs in which the model hid her belly and her outlined figure through various baggy clothes. Likewise, the same celebrity revealed a series of changes in her exercise and eating routine.

It should be noted that in previous interviews, both Mark as Nadia They revealed their intention to become parents again after the birth of “Marquito”. However, and despite not revealing a specific date or time to have another baby, both stars were excited to see their nascent family grow.

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