PHOTO: Rosalía would have revealed the concept and source of inspiration for her new album – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Rosalía would have revealed the concept and source of inspiration for her new album – El Diario NY

Rosalia is getting closer to returning to the current music scene. And although the announcement about the launch of a new album is not yet official, the same singer has been revealing a series of clues that lead us to a single answer: the Spanish singer is back.

On this occasion, the interpreter of “Desperate” has “used” his social networks to show what would be the essence or plot of his new album material, whose release date or name is still unknown.

In said publication, made up of a series of photographs that show part of her daily life, one photograph captured the attention of a large number of the Catalan’s followers. And in the image in question, a screen appears, which shows a blackboard where you can read a variety of words divided into two segments: “feelings” and “behavior.”

What will Rosalía’s new album be about?

Under each of the central words, you can read a series of terms that refer to the column title. In the case of “feeling”, the words are perceived: Grief, Anger, Pain, Helplessness, Relief, Loneliness, Emptiness, Frustration and Injustice. Meanwhile, in the “behavior” column, there appear: Aggressive, Search, Support, Sadness, Self-control, Resignation, Blocking and Passivity.

After the Spanish publication, a large number of Internet users have pointed out that this series of words could simply correspond to a type of therapy session that the singer is taking.

Karol G posing on a red carpet.

However, the vast majority have commented that this pair of columns could become the central theme of their new album taking into account what happened with “Motomami”. It should be remembered that prior to the release of her previous album, the European artist published an image where a blackboard appears, which has a series of words as well as the term “Motomami” to the center.

At that time, “Motomami” didn’t mean much to the singer’s fans. However, and after the release of the album, the majority confirmed that Rosalia He had announced the name of his album without anyone knowing.

Rosalía performing in a show.
Rosalía is in a relationship with actor Jeremy Allen White.
Credit: Mezcalo

Likewise, and after the publication of Rosaliavarious people have pointed out that the Spanish would have taken the duel as the essence of her next album. It is worth mentioning that after getting engaged a little less than a year ago to the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandrothe singer ended her engagement with the singer, just a few months later, due to alleged infidelities on the part of the artist. Given this, the Spaniard would take the unfortunate fact that she lived next to Rauw to give life to her new material.

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