PHOTOS: Belinda causes a stir on social networks by showing her radical change of look – El Diario NY

PHOTOS: Belinda causes a stir on social networks by showing her radical change of look – El Diario NY

Belinda has surprised his fans again for the umpteenth time in recent weeks. On this occasion, and after sharing, through her social networks, small details about her upcoming collaborations with artists such as Natanel Cano or the band Registered Trademarkthe singer decided to leave her followers speechless by showing part of what her new image will be.

It was through her official Instagram account that the actress also shared a series of stories, without revealing her face, where you can see the radical transformation she underwent when she changed her long blonde hair for a shorter haircut as well as a intense red color.

Without providing further details about the reason for her new look, the singer accompanied the stories with a simple message: “Are you ready?!!!? @natanael_cano.”

Why did Belinda change her look?

Although the radical change of image of Belinda It could be related to a simple desire to look different on the part of the artist, the truth is that the message dedicated to the corridos tumbados singer, Natanael Canoconfirms that this new look would be designed for the collaboration in which they both work.

Belinda posing.

It is worth remembering that in previous weeks, the singer published part of the work that was done with Spout through what he called “corrido coquette”. It is worth mentioning that this pair of words refers to the mixture of the Mexican regional subgenre, the corridos tumbados, a terrain in which Natanael Cano has had great success, as well as the fashion style that embraces the traditional, feminine and refined.

After the revelation of the new image of Belindaa large number of users and followers of the singer showed their indignation and support towards the singer. And while a large sector of users rejected the new look of the one born in Spain, pointing out that she “doesn’t like that cut and that color,” others applauded her change and were excited to see it.

Belinda performing in a show.
Belinda is working on her new album.
Credit: Mezcalo

It is important to note that this is not the first time that the Mexican has made a substantial change in her image. And prior to the release of her most recent single, “Cactus”, on January 31, the singer caused great surprise by dyeing her hair entirely green and adopting clothing and accessories related to the regional Mexican and ranchero genres.

Even without an exact release date, Belinda is preparing to continue at the top of the music scene with a new album. In the same way, she will join his voice to that of the Spanish Enrique Iglesias with the song “Llórame Un Río”.

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