PHOTO: Thalía causes a stir on social networks by publishing a photo of herself “naturally” – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Thalía causes a stir on social networks by publishing a photo of herself “naturally” – El Diario NY

The Mexican singer Thalia caused a stir on social networks after publishing a video, through her official Instagram account, where she looked like she has rarely “been seen”: without a drop of makeup.

At the beginning of the video clip, which was recorded by the same interpreter of “Amor A La Mexicana”, you can see the actress “naturally” and without the diversity of accessories and aesthetic elements that are usually part of her publications.

The Latin artist even appears dressed in pajamas while mentioning that she is preparing for the Latin American Music Awards 2024in which the Mexican will take part as a presenter as well as in the series of shows at the event on April 25.

In the rest of the video, Thalia shows the diversity of makeup that she usually uses as well as emphasis on the state she was in and how she “should” look.

How did people react to Thalía’s video?

Moments after the publication of the video of Thaliaa large number of people reacted to the appearance of the Mexican singer with comments such as: “You wake up dazzling like this mommy, beautiful my love I love you”, “You look beautiful without the filters well you look beautiful in every possible way”, among others.

Thalia posing.

However, and despite the signs of “support” for the “A Quien Le Importa” interpreter, another large group of people mentioned the amount of wrinkles that the artist shows off in addition to the excessive use of filters in her photos as well as The large number of beauty accessories she uses do not allow her to be who she really is.

There were even those who “attacked” the actress, mentioning that the best thing for her is to accept her age and “behave as such.”

Thalía prepares for a magical night

After the name of Thalia will be revealed as part of the group of presenters of the Latin AMA 2024sources close to the organization revealed that the Mexican set a series of conditions to take on said “position.”

Thalia posing.
Thalía will be part of the Latin AMA 2024 shows.
Credit: Mezcalo

Among the main or most notable was the support or impulse that the ceremony would have to give to the singer in her role within regional Mexican music. After this leak, it was revealed that the Latin artist would also perform on stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena from the city of Las Vegas.

One day after his participation in the Latin AMA 2024and thanks to his most recent publications on his social networks, Thalia announced the launch of her new album titled “A Mucha Honra”, which will become the Mexican’s official entry into this national genre that has gained great popularity in recent years.

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