The Disciplinary “shaves” the portfolio of Cruz Azul technicians, Martín Anselmi and América, André Jardine – La Opinion

The Disciplinary “shaves” the portfolio of Cruz Azul technicians, Martín Anselmi and América, André Jardine – La Opinion

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The Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation decided to fine the Cruz Azul coaches, Martín Anselmi and of America, André Jardine, for his comments against arbitration work of whistlers Luis Enrique Santander and Fernando Guerrero, whom they blamed for the results their teams obtained on date 16 of the Clausura 2024 tournament against Atlas and Pumas, respectively.

Martín Anselmi left the Azul stadium very hot last Sunday when he judged that the whistler Santander He did not score a clear penalty in the last moments of the match against Rodrigo Huescas that would have represented the door to the tenth victory of the cement producers in the championship, but that They had to settle for a 2-2 draw with the red and black after being down 0-2.

The Machine technician at the conference stated that: “I don’t expect anyone to give us anything. I always believe in winning fairly, so there is an action within the area in which if everyone is talking about a possible penalty, the most logical thing is that the action will be reviewed in the VAR. The minimum is for the referee to clear up the doubt as to whether or not it was a penalty, so we have to do better in the Mexican League.”

And he added that: “We are a team that proposes, that generates situations, He is constantly searching for the rival goal and that generates a lot of situations within the area. I honestly don’t expect anyone to give us anything. I don’t like receiving anything. “What is, is, and what is not, is not.”

What André Jardine said

While André Jardine after América’s defeat in CU against Pumas, said that: “They are not sounding good, the analysts will talk about this, our team really must be better on issues like today. I don’t like to talk about refereeing, I like to analyze the game, it is an issue that influences the score, the way the game goes, we make it clear that we are a team that will always play ball, that seeks to compete with rivals in a loyal manner, you will not see our team make unfair tackles, we do not agree with that.”

The Brazilian strategist of the Águilas highlighted that: “”In games like Clásicos, the referee must have a very firm hand, the players get hot and feel injustices, they see them and become more aggressive, it takes a bit of not controlling their nerves because referee decisions, I think it had not happened, the red is undoubtedly, we would have controlled everything.”

The sanction of the Disciplinary Commission

Meanwhile, the Disciplinary Commission announced the articles on which it was based to fine the technicians of Cruz Azul and América: “We determined to financially sanction the technical directors Martín Rodrigo Anselmi, of Cruz Azul, and André Soares Jardine, of América, as a result of the criticism of the refereeing made during the press conferences at the end of the matches between the Cruz Azul and Atlas Clubs, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico and America, violating the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation, in particular the article 71, subsection d):

“All subjects who commit the following offenses will be sanctioned as appropriate in each case:

d) That player, member of the Technical Staff and/or Official who makes, through the media and/or social networks, criticism or negative comments about the refereeing and/or VAR.

Both clubs are warned about the future conduct of their technical teams, since in the event that this type of actions arise again, the Disciplinary Commission may impose more severe sanctions against them.

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