Plane crashes on a trail in Indiana and two people who were walking in the area are injured – La Opinion

Plane crashes on a trail in Indiana and two people who were walking in the area are injured – La Opinion

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Authorities reported that two people walking on a trail in Muncie, Indiana, were seriously injured Monday morning when a small private plane crashed near the Delaware County Regional Airport.

During a press conference cited by Fox News, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department said that shortly before 10:30 a.m. two of the victims were walking on a trail near the Muncie airport when a single-engine Piper plane fell off the plane. sky and crashed on the road.

Deputy Chief Jeff Stanley noted that It is unclear whether the pedestrians were hit by the falling plane or debris. after the aircraft collided with the tree line surrounding the walking path.

The pilot, who authorities said was also seriously injured, was reported to be the only person aboard the plane. He became trapped in the rubble and first responders were able to free him and rush him to the hospital when they arrived on scene.

Delaware County Regional Airport spokesman Tim Baty said there was no call for an emergency landing. The pilot, who was not a Muncie local, overshot on the first landing and was returning when he crashed.

The authorities said that The pilot and one of the injured bystanders were transported to an Indianapolis hospital for further treatment.

“That’s a bad day. They’re getting some exercise, going for a walk, and the next thing they know, they’re hit by a plane. “It’s very unfortunate, we are praying for the best for everyone involved,” Stanley said.

Delaware County Sheriff Tony Skinner told Fox News Digital that it is unclear what caused the plane to crash.

Baty added that the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating this incident.

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