Police arrested man who threw an egg at Dodgers manager Dave Roberts while visiting Korea – La Opinion

Police arrested man who threw an egg at Dodgers manager Dave Roberts while visiting Korea – La Opinion

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A person was detained by local airport police in South Korea for apparently throwing an egg to the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dave Roberts, in what was the framework of the arrival of the Los Angeles squad on Friday, this according to information from Hyung-Jin Kim of The Associated Press.

The police forces in charge of the event were trying to determine the reason why he did this, through questions to the man in question, and at the same time evaluating the responses, looks and ways of acting. Despite this, his family let the authorities know that he had a history of mental illness and that this was why he had done what was mentioned above.

It must be emphasized that the leader of the Los Angeles organization, who was also born in Japandid practically nothing about it and stayed away from a manager suitable for Major League Baseball knowing that these types of situations usually occur with public figures.

Matches in South Korea

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres will face each other in a two-game series among themselves which are scheduled for March 20 and 21 and will take place at the Gocheok Sky Dome facilities in the city of Seoul, this within the framework of what will be the beginning of the regular season of the Big leagues.

These will be the first games of the regular season that will take place in South Korea.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had their first game in South Korea and defeated the Kiwoom Heroes 14-3, Seoul team. This was the first of two exhibition games before facing the San Diego Padres.

The Dodgers’ rout began with a home run by first baseman Freddie Freeman. who has had an optimal and exceptional performance during Spring Training, demonstrating what he would be capable of doing in the 2024 season.

For the second inning of the match, two more runs could have been produced for the Dodgers, thanks to a double by Jason Heyward and the second was a ground ball by Gavin Lux to bring in James Outman’s run and make the score 3-0.

In the third inning, James Outman drove in another score with a hit; The Kiwoom team managed to break the zero on their scoreboard in the 4th inning of the contest with a pair of consecutive hits to put the score at 4 runs to 1.

James Outman and Jason Heyward managed to produce more scores for the Dodgers in the fifth inning. Gavin Lux also did his thing with a hit and extended the lead much further with a score of 6 runs to 1.

From that precise moment, the Dodgers put greater distance in the game with two more runs and placed the game’s shares at 8-1. In the seventh inning, Los Angeles scored five more runs in batting practice.

The fourteenth race was a fact in the ninth inning, and the Kiwoom Heroes managed to score two more with a double and two outs to finish the beating 14-3.

The Dodgers played this Monday against the South Korean team and obtained a 5-2 victory. Later on Wednesday they will face the San Diego Padres on Opening Day of the 2024 regular season.

Shohei Ohtani pleased to play in South Korea

“Being accepted and welcomed like this is a very good feeling. I’m very used to attention, “But I try to concentrate on what I have in front of me, whatever it is,” he explained today during a press conference, and after being received by hundreds of fans upon arriving in South Korea the day before.

This is Ohtani’s second trip to South Korea as a baseball player, at the time he defended his nation’s colors. at the U-18 World Championship held in Seoul in 2012. “I was very excited to play here and I was happy to be able to return to Korea to play again and, hopefully, it will be another great experience,” said the new Major player Suspenders.

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