Poncho de Nigris shares his moving process – El Diario NY

Poncho de Nigris shares his moving process – El Diario NY

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The Mexican presenter and actor Poncho de Nigris will finally be able to move into the house of his dreams. This new step makes him so happy that he has taken it upon himself to document it through his own YouTube channel.

It must be noted that De Nigris has found a way to generate controversy, show off and attract attention independently on his own channel. Even the first part of the moving series has created bad comments.

The 48-year-old Mexican and his family They will move to a large mansion that began construction four years agoso through videos it is showing the entire moving process.

Recently published a first video, which is a kind of reality show episodeas it follows De Nigris and his wife Marcela Mistral as they pack all their things and make decisions about the move.

It must be remembered that on that same channel you can find several episodes showing the progress of the new residence, which has been described by the actor as “the house of my dreams.”

Removal of Poncho de Nigris

The television presenter Poncho de Nigris and his wife have begun to collect everything in their old housebut like any move, this has generated some friction between the two.

De Nigris suggests that you have to do a kind of purification, that is, throw away what is very old or that is simply not used. Consider that carrying a lot of things when you travel to a new home also brings with it bad energy.

During the video, De Nigris took a tour of the entire old property, and took the opportunity to remember the meaning that each object and space in the house has. The new house also appears and the entire process of putting up what they moved, including some paintings that are portraits of himself.

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