The president of Porto washes his hands in the case of Mexican Jorge Sánchez – La Opinion

The president of Porto washes his hands in the case of Mexican Jorge Sánchez – La Opinion

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Jorge Sánchez will go through difficult times on a professional level. The former Club América player was removed from Porto’s first team for issues related to performance. But information has emerged indicating that there would be a background to this decision. The president of Porto washed his hands in this case.

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa He spoke about the case of the young Mexican full-back. The leader explained that at no time was ownership guaranteed to the Mexican defender for the alternatives in his position.

They never hired Jorge Sánchez with the certainty that he would be a starter because our right back is a starter in the national team and still We have an alternative who could be the best right defender in football“said the leader in statements compiled by Halftime.

Jorge Sánchez would have deleted all his photographs that linked him to Porto.

In this sense, Sánchez will spend the rest of the season away from his club for technical direction. Until his loan ends, the Aztec will hardly play another game for the Portuguese team.

Jorge Sánchez would have been a victim of his contract

Given this unforeseen decision by Porto’s coaching staff, various analysts tried to find explanations for the exclusion of Jorge Sánchez. The problem would be in his contract.

As explained by analyst Fernando Schwartz, Porto and Ajax had an agreement beyond the transfer. If the Mexican played 20 games with the Portuguese team, The Portuguese club should apply the purchase option compulsorily. This number of games is arriving and the leadership would have preferred to send it to the “freezer.”

They separate him (Jorge Sánchez) and three players who due to poor performancebut it is not the truth, what happens is that Jorge Sánchez has already played 15 games with Porto, he has seven left, if they reach the Cup Final there are eight, and If Jorge Sánchez participated in 20 games they had to buy him“he explained Fernando Schwartz.

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