Prince William makes touching promise to Kate Middleton after being diagnosed with cancer

Prince William makes touching promise to Kate Middleton after being diagnosed with cancer


The last few months have not been easy at all for the British royal family after the unfortunate news was announced that both the King Charles III como Kate Middleton They were diagnosed with cancer and are now undergoing full treatment along with chemotherapy to recover their health and get out of this condition as soon as possible with great success and good news.

Since then, the roles within the monarchy have changed and both prince william such as Queen Camilla have taken charge of certain royal tasks that corresponded to the king, while those who have also supported this have been Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

And although they went through a series of rumors that princes of wales They were in a crisis or until Princess Diana’s son was unfaithful to his wife, now they have been more united than ever and in the public events he has attended he has dedicated a series of words to her.


This was the promise William made to Kate

More than a month after the princess announced her diagnosis, now the king’s son has returned little by little to his work and on this occasion, he went to a event from a charity called Surplus for Supper, who are responsible for redistributing surplus food.

During this event the prince had to unload trucks, fill with food, as well as cook and deliver the food packages that he had prepared in London, where he was much more smiling despite the difficult times his family is going through.


The people who were at the event also took the opportunity to give you words of encouragement to the Prince of Wales in the midst of all the health complications that his father and wife are experiencing and they even gave him written messages that were dedicated to the princess wishing her a speedy recovery.

According to the Daily Mail, in one of the letters, a person asked him as a wish to take care of Kate and the promised do it saying: “I will do it, I will do it.” The princes have thanked the British people and the world for all the support, affection and love they have been shown in the face of such a difficult situation.

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