This was the beautiful PRINCESS who dated Luis Miguel in the nineties and BROKE his heart

This was the beautiful PRINCESS who dated Luis Miguel in the nineties and BROKE his heart


It is well known that Luis Miguel He is one of the most sought-after heartthrobs for several decades, as he is undoubtedly one of the artists who stole the hearts of many fans, not only for his music but also for being considered one of the greatest heartthrobs to date, and that is because even people from the royalty were conquered by him as the Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

The two celebrities met during a music festival called Acapulco Festival 91at the beginning of the 90s on the Mexican beaches when the Puerto Rican was going through one of his greatest golden ages and wasted no time in conquering women.

But what I can see was a love story and a fairy tale, ended with a broken heart even though they supposedly lived a fleeting romance and here we will tell you a little more about how this meeting took place in one of the singer’s favorite places at that time.


This is how the love story between the princess and Luis Miguel began

The princess wanted to enjoy her stay in Mexico to the fullest and that is why she visited Acapulco and he couldn’t leave without having been to one of the most emblematic places of that decade, the Baby’Owhere you could always see LuisMi, but that day they did not let Estefanía enter because she arrived partying and without shoes.

Upon finding out about this, the famous person immediately contacted the manager and told him who it was, so the next day the call “rebel princess“He was able to attend a party in said place and that was when he realized her enormous beauty and wanted to meet her.


The daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainero III was present at said festival to perform some of her songs when she was in her stage as a singer and it was there where Luis Miguel gave her a representative medal for her participation and it is even said that the interpreter of “Suave “took him serenade.

Although Luis Miguel was one of the great gallants, it seems that he could not conquer the most rebellious of the Grimaldi dynastybecause she finally rejected him and although he was very excited and it broke his heart, they managed to end up as good friends.

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