Prince William would be “stopping” the return of his brother, Prince Harry, to the Royal Family – El Diario NY

Prince William would be “stopping” the return of his brother, Prince Harry, to the Royal Family – El Diario NY

After in recent days the same Prince Harry confessed that he would be willing to resume his “royal duties” as support for his father, the King Charles III Following his diagnosis of prostate cancer, new information reveals that his older brother, Prince William He would be trying to “stop” his return to the Royal Family.

And according to the expert on the Royal Family, Helena Chard, who approached Fox News, she revealed that the Prince William would have made it clear to Harry that he is not welcome as a royal because he doesn’t trust him.

Prince William has his own private turmoil. “He knows his brother well and he certainly won’t allow him to return to the family because he doesn’t trust him.”

Helena Chard


Will Prince Harry return to the Royal Family?

During the past week, the actress’s husband Meghan Markleconfessed that his father’s unfortunate diagnosis could have a “reunifying” effect on the entire family.

It should be remembered that in February 2021, it was announced that Harry and Meghan would leave their royal functions after the permissiveness of the Queen isabel II. After his “departure” and his establishment in Los Angeles, the son of the King Charles III He revealed that the toxic and “really difficult” environment was the main factor in his leaving with his family.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Likewise, his mental illness, as a result of the problems within the royal family, caused the brother of the Prince William decided to “get his family out of there.”

Despite the above, and as a result of the illness of the deceased’s son Isabel IIsources close to the British royalty revealed that the king would have agreed with his son’s return to his royal duties.

However, he has been the heir to the throne of Great Britain, the Prince Williamwho would be willing to intervene so that his brother and his family do not return to England. The news was even spread that Harry, Meghan and their children would be a “burden on the rest of the family.”

It is important to mention that William would also prevent his brother’s return due to his wife’s recovery, Kate Middletonwho recently underwent surgery.

After the departure of Prince Harry of the Royal Family, it has been revealed that he does not maintain communication with his brother. Even during the trip that her husband made Meghan Markle to England after the revelation of his father’s illness, William decided not to see or speak to him at any time.

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