Robert Dante Siboldi, Tigres coach, dissatisfied with the three-game suspension – La Opinion

Robert Dante Siboldi, Tigres coach, dissatisfied with the three-game suspension – La Opinion

The technical director of the Tigres, the Uruguayan Robert Dante Siboldi He was dissatisfied with the three-game suspension and financial fine imposed on him the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federationto punish the violent conduct committed against the Cruz Azul defender, the Colombian Willer Ditta.

After learning of the suspension, Siboldi went out to face the media where he stated that he was dissatisfied with the sanction, but at the same time he indicated that he had no other recourse than to assume the weight of the sanction and try not to incur this type of events in the future.

“What corresponds to me is to clarify the match against Cruz Azul, first of all I want it to be very clear that I never wanted to attack anyone, my position since the struggles began and the attempt was to want to intervene to separate and calm down,” he stressed. .

Siboldi emphasized that he never wanted to attack anyone, least of all the Colombian defender, especially because his intention was always to calm things down and not light the flame of controversy in that action in the final minutes of the duel against Cruz Azul corresponding to date six of the Clausura 2024 tournament.

“My mistake was getting in, I shouldn’t have gotten in or left my zone, invaded the court, it’s impossible, I’m very passionate, I try to appease and calm down, I didn’t pay attention to that, I didn’t remember that I couldn’t invade the court, I wanted to calm down to players like Sepúlveda, to whom I apologize for hugging him a little too much,” he mentioned.

The controversy with Willer Ditta

Regarding the matter with Willer Ditta, the UANL coach said that: “Later I see that Ditta is angry and I want to calm him down, it cannot be done, another attempt is generated again and there I participate, I seek to intervene to help calm him down but I took a step long, I was left with one foot to support and I became destabilized, I grabbed Rotondi and I didn’t fall, miraculously with the intention of appeasing him,” he said.

In his statement he insisted that he never attacked the Colombian defender and that for that reason the sanction is unfair, but I reiterate that he had no other way but to accept this mistake due to the heat and passion of the game.

“I want to apologize to the club, to the coaching staff, to the players, not for what happened but for what is coming, to apologize to my fans because I will not be able to be at my workplace and that is what bothers me the most. I abide by the punishment.” of the Disciplinary Commission, I do not share it but I abide by it as a member of Mexican soccer but I do not feel that I have done anything wrong, something to harm or attack someone, it is simply a learning experience for me, a lesson learned,” Siboldi confessed.

Finally, the Uruguayan strategist pointed out that it is the first time that he has been involved in a situation of this nature, “which is why I believe that there is a lack of understanding against me and I felt judged as a criminal,” he concluded.

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Uruguayan coach Robert Dante Siboldi was dissatisfied with the three-game suspension imposed on him and noted that he felt treated like a criminal. Photo: Manlio Contreras/Imago7

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