Rick Harrison from ‘The Price of History’: When and at what time will he be at the Children’s Museum?

Rick Harrison from ‘The Price of History’: When and at what time will he be at the Children’s Museum?


In past days, Rick Harrison announced that he will visit Aztec lands in the coming days, since he was a guest of honor for the first edition of the event’History Festival‘ powered by the History channel. If you are a fan of the famous host of ‘The Price of History’ and want to meet him in person, read on to find out how to attend the event, as well as all the details. When is it and how much does it cost? Here we tell you!

It was through his social networks that the businessman also surprised his more than 970 million followers, who cannot believe that they will be able to enjoy his company, finally meet him and have him just a few steps away. Harrison shared the news through a publication, where he explains that he will attend the event in person. History Festival in Mexico City, which will take place in the Papalote Children’s Museum next month.

“Come with me to History Fest CDMX! In Mexico City, in Kite Museum reads the publication.

In addition to the presenter of ‘The Price of History, Rick Harrisonother well-known celebrities will be invited, such as his program partner Austin Russel, better known as “Chumlee”; Doug Marcaida and Jerry Arrachea from ‘Desafío Sobre Fuego’; like the Mexican Arap Bethke host of ‘And you what are you going to do?’ along with Humberto Zurita, who was part of ‘Inexplicable Latin America’ and finally, the ufologist Jaime Maussan from ‘Los Expedientes Secretos’.


History Fest: DATE, price and location

When will the coexistence be? The television channel announced that the event is scheduled for next Friday, April 26 and access for the general public will begin at 11:00 in the morning. Keep in mind that it is free and without prior registration, so we recommend you arrive at the Papalote Children’s Museum to reach a good place and be able to enjoy the amenities with your family.

After touring Latin America performing in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, ‘History Festival‘ takes you to Mexico with the help of renowned artists that you will have the opportunity to meet this May 26. It is a gathering for the whole family, since there will be activities for adults and children, so do not hesitate to attend with your children.

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