Roberto Carlos impresses with viral challenge on networks: He broke plates made of four different materials – La Opinion

Roberto Carlos impresses with viral challenge on networks: He broke plates made of four different materials – La Opinion

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Former Brazilian full-back Roberto Carlos always distinguished himself for being a fairly explosive player. and full of a lot of impetus when it came to playing, whether at the club level or with his national team with which he even became world champion. However, what most characterized Roberto Calos was his power when shooting the ball with his left foot.

A missile was what was practically seen every time the player took a free kick far away. or near the rival goal, his shots even had a projection of 180 kilometers per second, like that goal he scored against the French national team in 1997, one that defied the laws of physics and continues to this day. being one of the most viewed and viral in the history of football.

Today, at 50 years of age, he returned to the public spotlight by carrying out a challenge that went viral on social networks; The former Real Madrid and Inter Milan player had the proposal to cross four types of materials with his left-footed shot and Roberto Carlos managed to do it with each and every one of them, apparently without any problem.

What were the materials that Roberto Carlos broke?

Tergopol plates, wood, plastic and stone were the materials that the former Brazilian player managed to break; one by one they fell thanks to the power of Roberto Carlos and depending on the hardness of the material, he placed the ball closer. In the first challenge with tergopol, he was able to break a total of 16 obstacles that were in his way. After that came the wood and without any problems he was able to destroy the lower part, to the point that the carioca had to cover himself to avoid the splinters that fell off the wood.

After that it was the plastic plate that he had to face, a transparent one in fact. who could not withstand the strength of the Brazilian star, who, it should be remembered, was world champion in the 2002 Korea-Japan Cup.

Finally the last challenge arrived and although at first he did not believe that he could overcome the plates in front of him and when he fired the shot he did it once again and split the plate into four, which according to what was broadcast in the Rayo Vision video, the plate was made of stone.

The former defender who emerged from União São João and who achieved success and recognition in his country through from his time defending the colors of Palmeiras between 1993 and 1995, he is one of the most important figures of all time in world football in the left back position, especially for his projections resulting from his impressive speed that allowed him to break lines , and he had his best years with his national team and when he played for Real Madrid in Spain.

A miracle goal against France

The memorable goal he scored against the French team in 1997, when he turned 20, Roberto Carlos spoke about it and commented that everything happened simply by chance: “The ball was completely deflected but the wind rectified its trajectory to the goal. It was a miracle”.

Its current

The full-back had great years at Real Madrid, a club where Roberto Carlos usually plays today. as a commentator and he could already be seen through his official social networks in the preview of the first leg duel for the Champions League semifinals between his former team and Bayern Munich. The first match will be played this Tuesday on German soil.

The Brazilian managed to win the UEFA Champions League on three occasions (1998, 2000 and 2002).

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