Numerology: What are the most powerful NUMBERS in 2024?

Numerology: What are the most powerful NUMBERS in 2024?

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As 2024 approaches the halfway point of its astral journey, the numerology favors the Zodiac signs in different ways. In general, the astrology this year predicts four ‘lucky’ numbers. However, its uses are diversifying for each type of horoscope according to its element (water, fire, earth or air.) Therefore, below, we show you how to take advantage of the lucky digit that corresponds to you. Find out what it is and start May using your number in different contexts to succeed.

Numerology: The most powerful NUMBERS in 2024 and how you should take advantage of them

We started strong because the numerology indicates that 2024 is the year of 8. The reason derives from the mechanics of converting a large number into a single digit with the traditional technique; that is: 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. Now, Feng Shui scholars explain that the number 8 is a symbol of balance and positive cycles. In addition, it is the lucky number that those Zodiac signs of land due to its implicit diplomacy. Therefore, those who should seek to include the 8 in their daily lives through, for example, carrying eight silver coins for prosperity, are the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The final digit of 2024 corresponds to the Zodiac signs of water due to its relationship with extreme duality. As it is said in Feng Shui, the number 4 corresponds to those who are not afraid to take risks for their own benefit; but also, when incorporated into the numerology luck, you should meditate with four purposes in mind. Those signs that must dedicate a space to meditate on this theme in favor of their future abundance; They are the horoscopes of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

For the Zodiac signs of fire, the number 5 represents the ability to adapt and the willingness to explore new horizons. In this 2024; The alignment of the planets favors professional growth and monetary abundance for the most impulsive people of the zodiac. For the same reason, the astrology Contemporary art invites Aries, Leo and Sagittarius to ensure that the number five is present in some way in their daily amulets (embedded on a keychain, a lighter, etc.)

In the astrology contemporary, the Zodiac signs of air are governed by the mind and communication. Thus, representing the beginning and end of a dual cycle, this master digit of the numerology speaks of an important realization. During the year 2024, those favored by this energy should try to carry the aforementioned number in their wallet: it may be through coins that add up to said amount or as a decorative element. Follow this little ritual if you are Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

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