Ronald Goldman’s family will seek to collect the millionaire sum of money that OJ Simpson never paid – La Opinion

Ronald Goldman’s family will seek to collect the millionaire sum of money that OJ Simpson never paid – La Opinion

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Ronald Goldman’s fathermurdered in 1994 along with Nicole Brown, OJ Simpson’s ex-wifewill try to collect the money that the former soccer player, who died this week, He never paid them as ordered by a court, and they exceeded $114 million dollars with interest.

Attorney David Cook, who introduces Fred Goldman, told People magazine that they will have to hire lawyers in Florida, Nevada and California, places where the former soccer star and actor lived, in an attempt to collect that debt.

Simpson was charged with the deaths of Ronald, 25, and Nicole, mother of his two children, 35, but he was acquitted after facing what was called “the trial of the century,” which was televised.

However, after that result, the Goldman and Brown families sued Simpson, who He was found liable for their wrongful deaths in 1997 and ordered to pay $33.5 million.

Cook told the entertainment magazine that Goldman only received $133,000, of a debt that already exceeds $114 million.

“He didn’t want to give a penny, not a penny to Fred, never, anything, ever,” the lawyer told the magazine.

He recalled that previous lawyers for the family They failed in their attempt to obtain the pensions that Simpson received from the NFLas well as the former player’s trusts.

So far the Goldman family has only made some money after obtain the rights to a book that Simpson wrote, which he titled “If I Did It.”

After Simpson’s death – which has raised various reactions for and against the former player – the family is evaluating hiring various lawyers in Nevada, Florida and California to “determine what can be done” although the first step will be to determine where your money will go and how much you will leave behind.

“We need to get a lawyer or lawyers to deal with this, very smart people to determine who is or who would be, and (start) taking statements from people and/or finding out who they are and what information we need“He explained to People.

Ronald “Ron” Goldman, waiter and aspiring model, went to Nicole Brown Simpson’s home to return her glasses that she had forgotten at the restaurant. but both were stabbed that night of June 12, 1994.

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