Roxy from Mushoku Tensei raises the “rikura” levels with her arrival at BrownDust2

Roxy from Mushoku Tensei raises the “rikura” levels with her arrival at BrownDust2

In this new anime season, Mushoku Tensei (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) is one of the ones that is causing the most talk, and the popularity it is having is due to different aspects, but it is undoubtedly the characters present in its story who delight fans the most, especially the beloved “waifus” . And in order to continue increasing its success, the anime has decided to collaborate with a very interesting gacha game, BrownDust2characterized by the amount of “craving” present in the title, and this union will not be the exception, since Roxy He will join the squad, showing his most daring side.

Mushoku Tensei and BrownDust2 join forces in a collaboration that adds Roxy to the roster

On May 22, a new collaboration began within the well-known gacha-style video game Browndust2being that in this case the chosen one was one of the animes that is broadcast during this spring 2024 season, the renowned Mushoku Tensei, and there are several girls present in his story. In this case, the one selected was none other than the beautiful Roxywhich is not only present with its recognized beauty, but also, following the theme of the game, will exploit its most “spicy” side with a most “crazy” outfit that will not leave much to the imagination.

As can be seen in the different images shared on the networks, this representation of Roxy It is very similar to how it is known within the same universe of Mushoku Tensei, with her magician’s outfit represented as faithfully as possible, with the cape of this type of character as well as the hat. But it is undoubtedly her second skin that will delight all fans, since the girl is dressed in the most revealing and sensual outfit, in this case many will recognize it, being that it is of the Succubus type, and following the line Of this, he shows a large part of his body.

And this decision to show Roxy so “craving” comes hand in hand with the same BrownDust2, and this game stands out for teaching all types of content with the highest level of “rikura”, especially with its girls, who are not only very voluptuous with dream bodies, but also has other striking aspects. One of those are the different animations that are part of the game, which usually show these “waifus” in very spicy situations, and Roxy’s will not be the exception, more precisely in its Succubus version, where we can see the rear of the girl in all her splendor.

Below are the two versions that you will have Roxy of Mushoku Tensei within BrownDust2 and that has delighted all the fans:

Roxy From Mushoku Tensei Raises “Rikura” Levels With Her Arrival To Browndust2Roxy From Mushoku Tensei Raises “Rikura” Levels With Her Arrival To Browndust2
Roxy From Mushoku Tensei Raises “Rikura” Levels With Her Arrival To Browndust2Roxy From Mushoku Tensei Raises “Rikura” Levels With Her Arrival To Browndust2

BrownDust2, this is a free to play gacha style video game where the main attraction it has at the gameplay level is how strategy is vital to achieve victory, where turn-based combat with teams of 5 characters facing different enemies is what it is all about. base the title. Like other games of the genre, Brown Dust 2 stands out for having a large number of playable characters, especially at the level of “waifus”, with a variety of the most extensive and that helped it place it as one of the games most interesting gacha in the world.

For its part, Mushoku Tensei presents us with the classic isekai story where our protagonist loses his life in our world to be transported to a fantasy kingdom where wizards, knights and all kinds of beings coexist, but in this case it will have a special seasoning. Here we will meet Rudeus Greyratwho in his past life was a sad 34-year-old man, but upon arriving in this new world, he does so as a baby, maintaining the memories of his past life in the same way. With this in mind, he must now adapt to the mind. of an adult in the body of a boy.

With his knowledge, the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei He quickly adapts to his new life, becoming talented in magic, but he also seeks to become an equally skilled swordsman, so his potential is only limited to what he wants. Upon getting a new opportunity to change his life, Rudeus will do everything possible to find what he lacked in the past, including his greatest desire: to fall in love.


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