Rumor has it that Alfredo Adame left LCDF in an ambulance after a WILD fight with Lupillo Rivera

Rumor has it that Alfredo Adame left LCDF in an ambulance after a WILD fight with Lupillo Rivera


The House of the Famouss has become one of the most controversial reality shows in recent years and this last season has followed this same line, thanks to the participation of characters like Alfredo Adame and L.Upillo Riverawho recently had a strong confrontation in which it would end in a strong fight, which is why the actor was supposedly helped by the ambulances that came to safeguard his life. What happened in LCDF yesterday?

Yesterday, Monday, February 19, another night of elimination took place.n The House of the Famousduring which Gregorio Pernía, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Alfredo Adame, Clovis Nienow, Rodrigo Romeh and Mariana González. The one who was crowned as the leader of the week was the actor from Without breasts there is no paradise, who had the advantage of saving himself, however, he chose to save his teammate Arianda, this because he expressed wanting to leave the competence.

Finally, the fifth person to leave the reality show due to having the fewest votes was Mariana González. On the other hand, the public decided to save Alfredo Adamewho was once again victorious and was able to enjoy the company of his opponents for another week; Although his return was not well received by everyone. Apparently, the regional Mexican singer is not comfortable with the actor’s presence and let him know about the elimination night: “you don’t know how to lose,” he told him.


What happened between Lupillo Rivera and Adame in LCDF 4?

The meeting between Lupillo Rivera and Adame It began with a strong exchange of swear words, so the other participants had to separate them. Supposedly, it would end with a wild fistfight, a reason that led the production to censor its content and turn off the cameras that record live 24 hours a day. It is rumored on social networks that the Mexican actor would have ended up with serious injuries that would be treated by the medical team after being taken from the Telemundo facilities in ambulances.

So far, the previous statements have not been confirmed by the television station, so it is not known what Adame’s true state of health is or if he will continue to be part of LCDF or if he will be expelled for his haughty actions and his volatile character that have been a fundamental part of the beginning of the latest arguments in the house.

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