They leak PHOTOS of Belinda characterized as Paola Durante for her character in the Paco Stanley series

They leak PHOTOS of Belinda characterized as Paola Durante for her character in the Paco Stanley series


Last year, it was confirmed that a series about the life and death of the Mexican driver would begin production. Paco Stanley, who lost his life in a tragic accident almost 25 years ago. Today the names of some of the Mexican actors who will participate in the series were leaked, among whom we find Belindawho looks totally different characterized as Paola Durante.

The biographical series is called ‘Who Killed Paco Stanley?‘, and it promises to be a different version from the ones already known. It is directed by Humberto Hinojosa, the same one who worked on Luis Miguel: the series and written by Rodrigo Patterson and Alexandro Aldrete. And although at first he had the participation and approval of the driver’s son, Paul Stanley, he decided to abandon the project when he realized that he would not follow the line he wanted to project.

Today, through social networks, it was announced who the actors who are part of the cast are, among whom we find Roberto Duarte as the protagonist giving life to Paco StanleyDiego Boneta as Jorge Gil and Luis Gerardo Méndez, who were friends and collaborators of the host of ‘Pacátelas!’; Zuria Vegas, Bárbara López, Javier Ramírez Gómez “El Cha” and Belinda embodying the model and aide-de-camp, Paola Durante.

The characterization that most caught the public’s attention was that of the ‘Boba Niña Nice’ performer, since, in the photos that were leaked by Who on Instagram, she looks totally different, and although many have criticized her appearance for looking unrecognizable, others They have applauded her. It is the first time that the singer and actress makes such a radical change to assimilate a character as iconic as she was. Paola Durante, who was unjustly accused and imprisoned for the famous man’s death.

“They gave me prosthetics, braces, a wig, they painted my eyebrows. I never thought I would transform like this for a project, but there is no doubt: I loved it! ”She confessed for the publication.


Release date of the series Who Killed Paco Stanley?

The bioseries Paco Stanley andIt is being produced by Amazon for its streaming platform called Prime Video. This will be made up of just 6 episodes, in which what happened on June 7, 1999, when the Mexican driver died at the age of 56 from an armed attack, will be detailed. To this day, the exact date it will be released has not been revealed, however, it is scheduled to be released before the end of this year 2024.

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