Salma Hayek shows off her curves in a bikini in a photo taken by her daughter – El Diario NY

Salma Hayek shows off her curves in a bikini in a photo taken by her daughter – El Diario NY


The actress Salma Hayek He left his millions of fans shocked by publishing a photograph on his Instagram account that was taken by his daughter. Valentina Palomawhere she appears modeling in a swimsuit and makes it clear that time seems not to pass by her.

Faithful to her naturalness and with the sensuality that characterizes her, the Hollywood star allowed herself to be admired posing standing on the shore of a beautiful beach, while shows off the great body she maintains at 57 years old with a bikini black color that highlights your figure in a spectacular way!

“It always helps to have a photographer in the family. 📸 Valentina Pinault”, is the message that the producer also wrote at the bottom of the snapshot that in a few hours has accumulated more than 416,000 likes and 2,150 flattering comments.

“It helps even more when the photographer has an incredibly beautiful woman to pose in the photo”, “Simply perfect”, “You are so sexy and beautiful. I will always be your fan!”, “Salma… you are the perfect complement to make the landscape look spectacular”, “Incredible great body”, and “You are like good wines”, are some of the messages they left for the Mexican.

Salma Hayek’s importance of being a mother

In 2022, during an interview with Vogue magazine, Salma Hayek opened up like never before and expressed how important it was for her to become a mother in 2007.

“My case was very particular because I became a mother very late. I did it since I found the partner of my life. I already wanted to have this daughter so badly. Furthermore, I felt that I had already done many things in my life, so it was already a different stage for me because I had already done things that I already felt very proud of,” she commented for the publication.

But, despite feeling satisfied with her achievements, the actress later admitted that at one point she considered the idea of abandon everything to raise Valentinathat is, retiring from the film industry in which he has precisely managed to build a prolific career.

“I was willing not to work anymore,” Salma said, although it didn’t take long for her to change her mind because her husband, businessman François Henri Pinault, made her realize that she would eventually miss being in front of the cameras.

“But when Valentina was a little over a year old, (François) told me that I had to go back to work because at some point I might miss my profession,” he said, and three years after Valentina’s birth, Salma returned to acting with several projects.

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