Scarlett Johansson reunites the actors of her directorial debut film “Eleanor The Great” – El Diario NY

Scarlett Johansson reunites the actors of her directorial debut film “Eleanor The Great” – El Diario NY

The actress with Danish roots, Scarlett Johanssonhas taken one of the most important steps in the development of “Eleanor The Great”, the film that will mark her debut as a director: get her actors.

According to Variety, the “Marriage Story” performer will have two Oscar nominees in her cast: Chiwetel EijiforOscar candidate for “12 Years Slave” and June Squibbnominated for her participation in “Nebraska.”

In addition to the above, the American actress will have the opportunity to direct the Broadway veteran Jessica Hechtwho has also created great series such as “Breaking Bad”, “Law & Order”, as well as various films such as “Dan In Real Life” and “Whatever Works”. Similarly, and recently, the young actress Erin Kellyman“The Green Knight”, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, “Han Solo”, joined the cast.

What will “Eleanor The Great” be about?

Previously called “Eleanor, Invisible,” the film Johansson will tell the life of Eleanor Morgenstein (Jude Squibb), a 90-year-old woman who returns to New York City, after living for years in Florida, as a way to rebuild her life after the death of her best friend.

Still without an exact release date, “Eleanor The Great” will be backed by TriStar Pictures as well as Sony Pictures Classics. Likewise, it will have production support from big names such as Jonathan Lia, Keenan Flynn, Kara Durrett, Jessamine Burgum and Celine Rattray.

Dan Marino will participate in a commercial for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

A new facet in the life of Scarlett Johansson

After her outstanding participation in the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the role of Black Widow, Johansson has been recognized for her performance in films such as “Marriage Story” and “Jojo Rabitt”, which gave her a double Oscar nomination. in 2020.

More recently, the singer also participated in the latest film by the renowned Texan director Wes Anderson“Asteroid City.” Additionally, she was part of actress Kristin Scott Thomas’ directorial debut in the 2023 film North Star.

Scarlett Johansson posing on a red carpet.
Scarlett Johansson’s film could begin filming in the following days.
Credit: Mezcalo

It should be noted that in addition to his renowned acting career, Scarlett She has also developed successfully as a singer by releasing two albums in 2008 and 2009. The American artist is also recognized for her altruistic work towards various charitable institutions as well as her political activism in various initiatives to protect human rights.

The actress will be part of upcoming films such as “Project Artemis”, the animated film “Transformers One”, “Paris Paramount”, “Bride”, and “Tower of Terror”, where she will be seen again with director Taika Waititi after “Jojo Rabitt.”

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