VIDEO: Katy Perry shows her excitement about attending the Taylor Swift concert – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Katy Perry shows her excitement about attending the Taylor Swift concert – El Diario NY

Katy Perry became another “swiftie” during the last concert of Taylor Swift in the city of Sydney, Australia. And thanks to a variety of videos, which circulate on social networks, the “Roar” singer showed her emotion and love for Swift from start to finish.

Through his official Instagram account, Perry He also showed part of his “experience” by sharing various photographs of his attendance at the show. Swift as well as small clips from the live concert.

Even in a photograph within the publication, the singer was seen with fellow artist Rita Ora, who was excited to witness the show. Swift: “I have to see an old friend shine tonight.”

Taylor and Katy: a story of love and enmity

Despite the great friendship that can be perceived in Perry’s photographs and message, it should be noted that this was not always the case. Years ago, Perry and Swift They maintained a marked enmity. In the beginning, the singers used to share moments on various stages such as award ceremonies or even exchange messages through various social networks.

However, the origin of their old “rivalry” began after the relationship they had Katy Perry with the singer John Mayer in 2012. It is important to mention that before starting his romance with Perry, Mayer had been a partner of Taylor, whom he left serious emotional wounds after their breakup.

Katy Perry

As part of her “healing” process, she Swift He wrote and published the song “Dear John”, where he hinted at the relationship he had with the artist. However, the real beginning of the “feud” between both stars arose when three dancers who worked with Taylor on their “Red” tour, they decided to leave the American and join Perry’s next tour, called “Prism.” It should be noted that the trio of dancers had previously worked with Kary on her “California Dream” tour. Upon revealing his decision to Taylor’s team, they were immediately fired.

After this, the rivalry grew even more when Perry’s hit single, “Roar,” was accused of plagiarizing the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. After the accusation, Taylor decided to invite Bareilles to collaborate together, which caused further controversy between both stars.

In the following years, both singers became involved in various controversies through tweets, such as Perry calling Swift “Regina George in sheep’s clothing,” alluding to the film “Mean Girls,” or the inclusion of Selena Gómez as part of the lawsuit. Finally, and after the release of various songs, both by Perry, “Swish Swish”, and by Swift, “Bad Blood”, it was Katy who decided to begin reconciliation through various interviews where she explained the origin of the problem and a sorry.

It was until May 2018 that through the video of Taylor Swift“You Need To Calm Down,” the American stars “made peace” when Perry appeared in Taylor’s video, giving each other a hug as a sign of friendship.

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