Sebastián Caicedo and his separation from Carmen Villalobos: “My world has ended” – El Diario NY

Sebastián Caicedo and his separation from Carmen Villalobos: “My world has ended” – El Diario NY


Sebastián Caicedo confessed that the separation was a very difficult moment for him, since he had built his entire life around his relationship with Carmen Villalobos. However, despite the pain, he stated that it was a mutual decision, but he could not ignore that He saw that stage as “darkness” and thought “about suicide.”

I was very lost at that moment and the world ended for life was over because that was my life, both professional and personal. And I always explain it like when suddenly if you jump off a building you fall to the ground, but if you go in a spaceship in the universe and they open the door for you, where are you? I was left in… I didn’t know what to hold on to, I didn’t have many tools, I had many voids and depression came into my life because I was very afraid of how the world was going to react,” he mentioned in the program ‘It is said about me’.

“Especially because I didn’t know what to hold on to. They were very difficult times. I was very afraid of how my family was going to react.especially after having been that reference, not only in Colombia but in Latin America and I did not know what I was going to face, especially because they are always going to look under the stones for reason and until today we have been very conservative to take care of that because there will always be a very great mutual appreciation and I will never have anything bad to say,” he added in the television space.

The actor also revealed that in the midst of this crisis he had the opportunity to reflect and work on himself, which allowed him to grow as a person and professional. Currently, he is focused on his career and enjoying his new relationship in a healthy and positive way.

“It was hard for me that when they couldn’t find an infidelity, they had to look for him to suddenly be gay. I have great gay friends that I love and appreciate very much and if I were gay I would have said so, in fact I would not have gotten married. But it seemed like a very low blow to me,” said the Colombian.

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