Servando and Florentino join Karol G at her concert in Caracas – El Diario NY

Servando and Florentino join Karol G at her concert in Caracas – El Diario NY


On March 22, the Colombian singer Karol G appeared before thousands of people at the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium in CaracasVenezuela. That was the first of the two concerts scheduled by the singer in the country during her ‘Tomorrow will be nice’ tour.

Although everyone on social media left that first date happy, the truth is that the second performance, on Saturday, March 23, had an iconic moment for everyone present. The Colombian singer invited Servando and Florentino to the stagethe Venezuelan duo, and they sang together ‘De sol a sol’, one of the Primera brothers’ most successful songs.

We must remember that last year, through social networks, Karol G showed that she was a fan of the duo and especially of that song. Besides, Servando Primera is a composer and has written many musical hits in the same genre as the singer.

Venezuela, it is impressive how it never ceases to surprise me, how it never ceases to feed our desire.. Karol went over. I love you Karol. It’s amazing how this audience loved you. “Venezuela gave him a lot of love, he deserved it, he deserves it,” Florentino said first through Instagram stories.

During the two presentations, Karol G’s audience was also able to enjoy the music of other Venezuelans such as Elena Rose and Micro TDH.

At the moment Karol G has not made an official statement about his performances in the country.

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