Shakira’s 10 most successful heartbreak songs. Have you dedicated any?

Shakira’s 10 most successful heartbreak songs. Have you dedicated any?

Shakira is once again a global trend after the launch of her collaboration with the rapper bizarre titled Music Session #53in which the Colombian exhibited the love break she had with her ex-husband Gerard Piqué.

However, it is not the first time that the singer captures her love affairs in her lyrics, which have given rise to great successes in her career.

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His romantic breakups with Oscar Ulloa (one of her first boyfriends), the actor Osvaldo Rios, Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rúa, son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Ruaand now the footballer Gerard Piquéhave been a source of inspiration for the interpreter of “Ojos así”, achieving songs that have transcended the music scene, becoming hymns of heartbreak.

And it is that the lack of love that he suffered due to a love disappointment, has made him remember some of his successes that he has managed to consolidate during his artistic career; so we have listed 10 of them.

Music Sessions #53

The most recent and with which Shakira has caused a furor on all digital platforms, has been Music Session #53, where she throws ‘hints’ at her ex-husband, after having been the victim of infidelity. The song lasting 3 minutes 38 seconds, was a collaboration with bizarrewho has established himself in the musical environment through ‘tiraderas’ and in this case, Shakira’s inspiration remained ad hoc to make it a worldwide success


Collaboration with the singer ozunawas the second song released in 2022 and despite the fact that in one part they allude to the fact that it is about a person who died, there are verses that indicate that a relationship was broken due to routine.

I congratulate you

Another song released by Shakira in 2022 and with an implicit dedication to the footballer is “I congratulate you”, in which he collaborates with rauw alejandro. In it, the Colombian reveals her disappointment with the Barcelona star, without reaching the levels of aggressiveness of her latest success.

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If you go

Released in 1998 as part of his album ¿Dónde están los ladrones? Shakira tells her ex-partner what will happen when he leaves her for someone else. She questions the decision to leave a relationship for a younger person.


It was the second single from the album Fijación Oral, released in 2005. In this ballad, she shows her broken heart and a supposed acceptance that the relationship is over and that she is not willing to return.


Anthology was one of the first successes of the Colombian, where she recounts how she has tried to repair herself after experiencing heartbreak. She refers to an anthology of memories and the things that she lived with her ex-partner, who at that time was Óscar Ulloa, with whom she had a four-year relationship.

I leave you Madrid

Unlike the other topics, Shakira points out that on this occasion she is the one who decides to end the relationship, and that despite how painful it may be, she will seek to recover from the situation.

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what more

This theme was born after the “thunder” between Shakira and the Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua, a relationship that lasted 11 years and was about to end in a wedding. In said song, Shak expresses all his love for her, but accepts the mistakes made by both of them, and that led them to end their relationship. After the love break, the Argentine started a legal battle against the singer-songwriter, which ended by mutual agreement after five years.


One of the most liked songs by Shakira’s followers is Inevitable, where she addresses the issue of heartbreak, acknowledging her flaws and expressing that although she cannot forget her partner, she is resigned to not getting back together.

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Flies in the house

Melody dedicated to the actor Osvaldo Ríos, where Shakira expressed her pain at the breakup. This romance began when she was 20 years old and he was 37, and there were even wedding plans between the Puerto Rican and the Colombian, which did not materialize.

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