Sheynnis Palacios cries with the surprise they gave her on the program ‘En Casa con Telemundo’ – El Diario NY

Sheynnis Palacios cries with the surprise they gave her on the program ‘En Casa con Telemundo’ – El Diario NY

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Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Universe 2023, was a guest on the program ‘En Casa con Telemundo’, in which she experienced an exciting moment due to a surprise that the production prepared for her.

During the entertainment show, the Nicaraguan was looking forward to what they had prepared for her.

Her grandmother sent her a nice message in which she told her how much she missed her now that she is fulfilling several professional commitments.

“Hello, my girl, I hope you are well, my love, because I ask so much of my heavenly Father and the Most Holy One to protect you, to give you wisdom, to separate you from all danger, I also ask my Lord so much that we will soon be reunited as a family, that we give each other that kiss and hug that we so desire. I know that God’s timing is perfect and that the Lord is going to reunite us soon as a family, I love you, Sheynnis, here I am with your witch, taking care of him.”he commented.

The surprise to Sheynnis Palacios

Her brother also commented that he has asked God to give her a lot of strength in her work as Miss Universe: “You know everything you have been through, no one knows, only us, like your family. I hope you are happy because you are fulfilling the dream you had since you were a child and you still have to fulfill that dream of going to Spain.”

Faced with the words of her loved ones, the beauty queen was very happy and that is why she said: “I am speechless, I love you very much, I miss you, I miss eating at the table, I miss talking to you about my day, but I have faith, and Faith moves mountains, that very soon we will meet and I will hug them as I said goodbye on November 3 in search of a dream, a dream that they supported me and that through the sale of fritters we moved forward.”

Sheynnis Palacios is preparing for a tour of several countries, in which she will carry her message as Miss Universe.

“I am more than blessed by my house, Telemundo, by you as leading women (Andrea Meza and Aleyda Ortiz) who have left a great legacy, for my country, my Nicaragua and my family,” she highlighted.

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