Stellar Blade increases Hype with fantastic promotional video

Stellar Blade increases Hype with fantastic promotional video

The videogame Stellar Blade is getting closer every day, as players look forward to being able to live the story of one of the new “waifus” that the world of gaming has, the beautiful Evebut now to increase the hype, from the official account of the title of PlayStation They released a very impressive promotional video. And this is a music video made by the K-Pop artist BiBiwhich focuses on the entire world that will be experienced in this exclusive to Sony consoles, a song that will only make fans want the game to be released even more.

Stellar Blade Debuts New Music Video for Fans to Enjoy

Stellar Blade EveStellar Blade Eve

From their different official social networks, PlayStation shared new material of one of its most anticipated games for this year, we refer to Stellar Blade, and a promotional video for the game was published which in this case is a song which focuses on the world of the title. The song was made by BiBian emerging K-Pop artist, who was selected to represent this work, which is only increasing the hype among fans who already want to play the full title.

Under the name “Eve”, like the protagonist of Stellar Blade, this song combines a current rhythm with a futuristic theme, something that the game seeks to capture, and it not only wants to provide a visual experience when playing, but will also want to delight the players with its soundtrack, adding now this song. On the other hand, this piece will also give some indications of what the game will be like, such as a small look at what could be enemies or also some scenarios that will be seen in Stellar Blade.

On the other hand, fans were the most surprised by the release of this new video, not only because it further increases the hype for a highly anticipated title that is just a few days away from being officially released, but also because They were also impressed with the great marketing campaign launched by the developer. And the game has had a lot of promotion, either by Shift-Upas well as Sony, so this collaboration with an artist who is emerging in the medium such as BiBi is a more than important point for Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade EveStellar Blade Eve

Although Stellar Blade will be officially launched on April 26, this already released a demo a while ago which has given a lot to talk about on social networks, especially by those who have been amazed by the same title, which combines perfectly an intuitive combat system and different key elements. But what fans expect most is to be able to play with their own Eveand with her spectacular design she has managed to become one of the most beloved “waifus” in recent years, even without her game having been released yet, so it is expected that when it does, her image will flood the internet.

Stellar Blade This is one of the most anticipated exclusive titles for PlayStation 5 by fans that will be released for the Sony console, promising to be a hack and slash that will seek to compete with other very important titles within the genre such as Bayonetta or NieR: Automata. In Stellar Blade the player takes the role of Eve, a young woman who, together with her squad, must recover her home on Earth, which is desolate after fighting and losing against alien beings known as “Naytiba.” . Here our protagonist will meet Adam, a survivor who takes her to the last settlement on earth, where together they will look for a way to recover the planet.

Stellar BladeStellar Blade


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