Nahuel Guzmán is not alone and the Tigres fans are preparing a big surprise for him vs.  Necaxa – La Opinion

Nahuel Guzmán is not alone and the Tigres fans are preparing a big surprise for him vs. Necaxa – La Opinion

The goalkeeper cannot complain about support of the UANL Tigers Nahuel “Patón” Guzmán, on behalf of Tigres fans, who in response to the eleven-game suspension imposed by the Disciplinary Commission, have announced that this Saturday before the game vs. Necaxa on date 16 of the Clausura 2024 tournament, they have a big surprise prepared for him to spoil him for this sanction imposed due to his unsportsmanlike conduct in the 135th edition of the northern classic vs. Monterrey.

According to information emanating from the feline animation group, Libres y Lokos, The largest among the fans of the university team have planned a series of surprises for the South American goalkeeper who is one of their darlings and who on many occasions has identified with them.

The animation group He wants to show the goalkeeper his support in these difficult moments that the South American is going through and above all to make him see that he will always count on them, especially after his impressive numbers that he has with the Tigres.

Nahuel played in eight games in the Clausura 2024 tournament until before his injury and even at 38 years old he is still a guarantee in the Tigres framework, where he has won 5 Liga MX tournaments (Apertura 2015, Apertura 2016, Apertura 2017, Clausura 2019 and Clausura 2023). As well as the CONCACAF Champions Cup in 2020 and a third place in the Club World Cup.

Obviously, this trajectory does not go unnoticed by the fans of the Tigres and for that reason they will show him all their support before the duel against Necaxa, especially to show their disagreement with the sanction that was imposed on him at the moments that the Liga MX has ignored another type of violent acts.

In the surroundings of the Tigres, both the board and the team and its fans, there is the idea that they were scapegoats so that the authorities of the Mexican Football Federation could send a message with the sanctions imposed on the feline team, from the suspension of Nahuel Guzmán, Javier Aquino and coach Robert Dante Siboldi, as well as fines to the team.

Imago 1419538
Nahuel Guzmán is one of the darlings of the Tigres fans who this Saturday will show him their support in the critical moments he is going through due to his unsportsmanlike conduct. Photo: Jorge Mendoza/Imago7.

Another aspect that Tigres fans want Nahuel Guzmán to forget are the series of comments against the goalkeeper for his mistake in showing a laser light to Monterrey goalkeeper Esteban Andrada, which triggered a whole series of acts that were condemned by the national soccer media. .

So we will see what the surprise will be for Tigre fans to consent and support the Argentine World Cup goalkeeper in Russia 2018.

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