Stellar Blade: These are Eve’s most “spicy” outfits and how to get them

Stellar Blade: These are Eve’s most “spicy” outfits and how to get them

The long-awaited premiere of «Stellar Blade» is a fact, for fans of PlayStation 5 The wait is over and today you can enjoy this video game, which promises not to disappoint you. With this there are many surprises to discover and unlock as well, for example the multiple designs with which you can dress the beautiful Eveand here we share a small review of how you can get all of them and enjoy them.

This is how you can unlock the suits in Stellar Blade

Without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions in a video game are the so-called skins, those extra special outfits that are included throughout the story, although sometimes they are difficult to obtain, but they are worth it to see your character with a unique style. And this time is no exception, because having the attractive Eve It is a fact that all fans will want to see her wear other outfits.

To highlight the incredible otherworldly beauty of Eveapproximately 30 different outfits have been released so far that will surely leave you enchanted, and for this you must unlock them throughout the entire universe of Stellar Bladeso we share some of these with you and how you can unlock them to have them in your collection:

Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 1Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 1
  • We start with what is perhaps the most revealing and “rikolino” suit, it is the Skin suit or “skin suit”, made by Mother Sphereque, this fits the entire body of Eve and that has the particularity, depending on the situation, it can be contracted or expanded. This suit is a certain one, which is available from the beginning of the game and you only have to remove the default suit.
Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 2Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 2
  • Then follows the Raven suit or “crow suit”, this is unlocked once the main campaign is completed and when you start another game, it is automatically added to the inventory.
Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 3Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 3
  • Follow a very particular and cute costume, the outfit Fluffy Bearyou unlock it after completing the mission Memories in the Dollwhich together with a character called Jett who lost an important teddy bear in Matrix 11.
Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 4Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 4
  • He Daily Sailor or sailor suit, you can find it in the Great Desert by solving some simple platforming puzzles in the northern area of ​​the sandbox.
Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 5Stellar Blade Eve Outfits 5
  • This collection set Exotic Sense. It is said that Quantum Nerves are inserted into the linings, threads and knots, so that it moves freely through a link with the body. Costume Cybernetic Bondage It is obtained by opening the box at the bottom of the oasis in the Great Desert.
Stellar Blade Eve Costumes 6Stellar Blade Eve Costumes 6
  • You can unlock the suit Blue Monsoon after complete Precious Treasure in the Great Desert.
Stellar Blade Eve Nano Pearl SuitStellar Blade Eve Nano Pearl Suit
  • To unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit You must collect 49 cans which you can find through the can location guide.

In Stellar Blade There are design patterns found for outfits that won’t let you equip them right away, so you need to find a repair console at a supply camp or talk to Lily in it tetrapodOr you can use polymers to create them, which are found in most chests and crates. Stellar Bladeand if you need more polymers you can buy them using gold Kara in Sisters’ Junk in Xion.

Likewise you can purchase Vitcoin, which is used to activate vending machines in Camps. You can find Vitcoin all over the world just by exploring, or you can earn it by completing some bulletin board quests, plus with these you can buy many other skins. Tell us if you already have some of these suits. Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade Eve CostumesStellar Blade Eve Costumes

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