Straight to nostalgia!  This is what the child protagonists of Mexican soap operas look like in 2024 |  PHOTOS

Straight to nostalgia! This is what the child protagonists of Mexican soap operas look like in 2024 | PHOTOS


There are stories and characters of TV soaps that leave their history and personality marked and become endearing to the public, some of them have continued their career in the middle of national and international entertainment, that is why we know where they took their careers and the projects that have kept them current until today because they have managed to remain in the public’s taste over the years.

In the case of other actors, over the years they decided to take their path and their life elsewhere, away from the spotlight and television cameras, as some of them have stated that as they grew up, the medium of entertainment stopped They found it attractive, they didn’t like some experiences they had, or simply when they got older they decided that being in the public eye wasn’t their thing.

Most of these child figures of the mexican television They have remained within the public’s taste despite the years and with the passage of time, hundreds of followers still maintain the affection that unites them with their child stars favorites over the years and have kept an eye on their careers both in music and acting, therefore, today we share with you some images of your favorite childhood artists.

These are some of your favorite protagonists from children’s soap operas

It is successful actress She began her career when she was only 5 years old. Her debut on television was in the program Plaza Sésamo. In 1996 she obtained her first important leading role when she starred in the soap opera Luz Clarita. Through this soap opera, Daniela ventured into music and also in cinema, now in addition to joining a musical tour with other groups, she continues her career as an actress and has a well-known YouTube channel.

This popular former soap opera star achieved popularity thanks to her intervention in the program Code FAMA, which served as a springboard to her career. acting To later participate in numerous television productions, starting in 2009 the talented actress decided to move away from the medium to become a successful businesswoman in the United States. According to her statements, the medium of entertainment was not for her.

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Sherlyn has developed as a talented actress and producer, in her acting career she has several successes with which she has placed herself in the public’s taste, in addition Sherlyn also became a leading image in Mexican cinema, she was also part of the musical group Kids, she is undoubtedly one of the most recognized actresses in the entertainment industry of our country. For now, Sherlyn is focused on motherhood because she has a baby named André.

She is one of the actresses who began as a child figure and has managed to remain more than current to this day, although Anahí is one of the actresses most recognized on the small screen, the truth is that she is also a successful singer both in her career as a soloist and with the world-famous group RBD of which she is a part. Anahí began her career at just 2 years old and continues to this day. He continues to be one of the public’s most beloved stars.

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