Don’t you have studies?  Canada launches has this JOB for you with a SALARY of $35 per hour

Don’t you have studies? Canada launches has this JOB for you with a SALARY of $35 per hour

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If you are reviewing job vacancies in Canadathere is one on Prince Edward Island that is sure to catch your attention. This is a ‘Long Haul Trailer Driver’ position for Bulk Carriers (PEI) Limited. In general, the candidate is planned to work 30 hours per week, with pay ranging up to 35 Canadian dollars. That is, for a full week of work, you would be pocketing up to 1,050 Canadian dollars (a little more than 18,000 Mexican pesos.) If you are interested in applying for this position, we invite you to carefully review the requirements:

Job requirements in Canada that pay up to 35 Canadian dollars an hour

This employment vacancy It does not require a specific eschorality; However, all experience as a driver will be valued. Broadly speaking, it is expected that the interested candidate will have no problems sitting for many hours; and it is also desirable that you be available to stay in other locations when your routine requires it. It is also expected that he has his ‘Work Permit’ in order, and not only to work under the legal scheme in Canadabut to cross the border with the US frequently. Among other things, the interested party must comply with the following requirements indispensable:

  • Air brake certification (Z)
  • Driver’s License (Class 1 or A)
  • Knowledge of accident reporting documentation
  • Cross-border documentation (valid passport)
  • Experience in transportation communication systems
  • Operate GPS (Global Positioning System) and other navigation equipment
  • Pass the criminal background check
  • Pass Driving Record Check (Summary)
  • Ability to lift up to 23 kilograms of weight by own hand

Job Features in Canada That Pays Up to 35 Canadian Dollars an Hour

If you believe that you appropriately comply with all the requirements this employment vacancy in Canadayou can apply through the website of Job Bank Canada. Broadly speaking, your daily tasks will depend on the company’s transportation needs: you must be willing to travel between various towns, municipalities, provinces, and even drive outside of Canada when it becomes necessary; Additionally, you should keep in mind that sometimes you will work weekends, holidays, or extended night shifts. Of course, like all work of this type in Canadayou will have quoted extra benefits if you are hired: medical insurance, life insurance plan, retirement plan, etc.

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