Svetlana Maury exploits her romantic side with “Let’s dance together”

Svetlana Maury exploits her romantic side with “Let’s dance together”

The young Venezuelan Svetlana Maury exhibits the nuances of her emotions through music. She does it hand in hand with her third promotional theme, which is called “Bailemos juntitos”, a single that explores her most romantic side.

“Let’s dance together” is the story of a young woman who through her imagination manages to reach her perfect world. There, the key to emotions is based on connecting energies linked to that feeling that can do everything called “love”. Of course, looking beyond appearances and highlighting equality regardless of gender.

Svetlana, from an early age realized her passion for music. With this in mind she became a singer-songwriter of all her songs. In her lyrics she imbued illusion and magic, inspired by the love stories that she saw in television series during her childhood.

pushed by dreams

At the age of 9 he began taking piano and guitar lessons. Currently, at 18 years of age, she continues to perfect his knowledge and improve his voice.

According to what she said in a press release, one of the singers who has inspired her the most in every way, not only in the musical field but as a person is Kany García. Who, by the way, would love to be able to collaborate and be able to appear together with her on a stage.

«La gout», «Droga» and the recently released «Bailemos juntitos», are three of the songs with which Svetlana Maury hopes to win hearts. «Smile, fall down, get up again, stomp and try again. Everything is part of the process and how nice it is to live it one day at a time », she wrote in a post on her Instagram account talking about making dreams come true.

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