Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stayed in a house worth $15,000 a night – El Diario NY

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stayed in a house worth $15,000 a night – El Diario NY


Singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce spent a few days relaxing in the Bahamas. It should be remembered that she recently finished the NFL season and she is also free from her tour ‘The Eras Tour’.

According to ‘Page Six’, The couple decided to stay at Rosalita Housea luxurious beachfront mansion located on Harbor Island, Bahamas.

People say that The residence has a value of $15,000 dollars per nightan astonishing figure that could be justified by the multiple amenities and services they offer to their guests.

The main attraction is that it is a private villa, which offered privacy to the couple. Although it must be taken into account that Photos of Swift and Kelce enjoying themselves on the beach were also released..

It should be said that the mansion where they stayed It has capacity to receive up to 12 peoplealthough everything indicates that only the two of them were there.

The other inhabitants of the residence during these days of rest were the house’s work team, since Rosalita House offers its guests a personal chef, three butlers, three housekeepers, three gardeners and maintenance staff.

The main house is distributed in five bedrooms with private bathroom eachfoyer, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities. In addition, the entire place has large windows that offer views of the outside and natural lighting during the day.

The interior decoration is quite carefulalthough it is not exactly modern or luxurious. It has wooden floors, wooden tables, white painted walls and decorative objects that allude to marine life.

Outside there are terraces, a swimming pool, green areas and enough space to share and sunbathe. It also has direct access to the sea.

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