Taylor Swift’s father will not face charges for alleged assault on a photographer – El Diario NY

Taylor Swift’s father will not face charges for alleged assault on a photographer – El Diario NY


The father of Taylor SwiftScott Swift, will not face charges after the police have decided to dismiss the case of the alleged assault which he would have carried out a few weeks ago against a paparazzi in Australia.

According to reports from various media, the photographer’s complaint Ben McDonald51, who was presented at the New South Wales Police Office, will not continue its course or force the Swift patriarch to apologize.

The complaint arose after the father of Travis Kelce’s girlfriend allegedly physically attacked to the photographers who were on a pier in Australia, where the star arrived after a celebration for the success of his tour ‘The Eras Tour’ on that continent.

mcdonald He alleged that he was hit by Scott SwiftHowever, he did not require medical attention for his injuries.

The alleged attack was partially captured on video, and due to the awkward moment, Ben had told TMZ that he expected at least apologies by the singer-songwriter’s father.

After the scandal, a representative of Taylor reported that Scott had only intervened at the time against the paparazzi because he considered that it was a risk against his daughter and team, distancing himself from the apparent attacks.

The NFL wants Taylor Swift for the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show

Taylor Swift was one of the main stars of the recently concluded NFL season, as her relationship with Travis Kelce boosted ratings around the world.

Given this situation, the NFL would be thinking about making a juicy business with them, after seeing the impact that the singer’s presence had to enjoy the Kansas City Chiefs games.

So much so that an NFL source revealed to The Sun: “This year, it has been estimated that his presence helped generate a large amount of money estimated between $700 and $750 million dollars”.

For all these reasons, the NFL wants the singer to take charge of the Halftime Show at the 2025 Super Bowl and the organization plans to begin negotiating with her.

Some claims indicate: “If she is the headliner for next year’s halftime show, she is expected to generate more than $1,300 to $1,500 million dollars”.

This would be the most important event economically, televisively, sportingly and massively that the NFL has seen in its entire history, according to media such as The Sun.

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