Ramón Ramírez grants a vote of confidence to Jaime Lozano and proposes Mejía Barón or La Volpe as advisors in the Mexico team – La Opinión

Ramón Ramírez grants a vote of confidence to Jaime Lozano and proposes Mejía Barón or La Volpe as advisors in the Mexico team – La Opinión

The former Mexican international Ramón Ramírez did not want to get on the boat of the claims that demand the head of the Mexico national team coach, Jaime Lozano, after the failure of the Nations League with the 2-0 defeat vs. United States by ensuring Los Angeles Opinionthat the best decision would be to keep the current technical director of the Aztec team in office and at the same time he was in favor of placing an advisor for the coaching staff with experience like that of the former World Cup players Miguel Mejía Barón or the Argentine Ricardo Antonio La Volpe.

In the telephone conversation with this publishing house, Ramón Ramírez said that: “If I had to choose, I would give Jaime Lozano another chanceI think that the total responsibility is not on the coach, I don’t know what coach could come and change the players’ football level overnight, when throughout this process they have had ups and downs. Suddenly a player is at a good level and the tournament comes and he drops a little, that’s why I say that this happens more because of the perseverance of the players and the responsibility that the next World Cup represents.

Do you think the current coaching staff of the Mexico national team needs an experienced advisor who would be a good option?

I would put Miguel Mejía Barón, he would be a very good option. Ricardo La Volpe could also be another option, they are coaches who had an outstanding performance in the national team, they know what a qualifying round is, a Copa América, a Gold Cup, a World Cup. As advisors it is fine, because the decisions have to be made by the national coach.

Just as support?

Of course, only as support, to guide Jimmy Lozano, to suggest things to him and that the decision-making power ultimately falls on the national coach, but with the support of the experience of these coaches who have come a long way.

Do you think that Mexico should no longer participate in the Copa América as many fans say?

That is an exaggeration, of course you have to play that tournament, if there is a level, but you have to be aware that this tournament is not easy at all, the same level of those in Concacaf can complicate the situation, but Mexico must feel like in home, with his fans, with his people. But we must insist that many players can find their way to the Mexican team.

Children of business, not of the United States

Imago 578750
Ramón Ramírez, remembering old moments against the German Jurgen Klinsmann and with Pavel Pardo, did not hesitate to assure that the current Mexican national team should talk less and play more. Alejandra Suárez/Imago7.

Ramón Ramírez also rejected that the Mexican team has become a “son” of the United States, as demonstrated by the Mexican team’s last seven games without a win and stated clearly that: “of course we are not children of the United States.” , we are children of the business. I say, because not all the matches in the United States or these tournaments are organized in Mexico, I think the matter would be different.

What do you think of the statements of the selected ones against “Tata” Martino??

It is not ethical, I think that in retrospect you must understand that every coach has his details and things to improve, no one wants him to lose, that is why I believe that the player who talks less will always be better.

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