Texas launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak SPANISH with a salary of $68 per hour

Texas launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak SPANISH with a salary of $68 per hour


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Are you looking for a job in Texas And you talk Spanish? We have found a vacancy for employment in a Texan company where they are looking to hire Latino people like you. They offer extensive benefits from day one of hiring, as well as a salary of up to $68 per hour. If you are interested in applying, continue reading this note to learn about the requirements, how to submit your CV online and more details about it.

At the American company CLI Solutions based in Texasthey have just launched a call for employment with different vacancies that they seek to fill as soon as possible. One of the positions they have available is an advanced Spanish interpreter, who must have extensive abilities to speak advanced Spanish, since the activities that make up the workday require it. The schedule they offer is flexible and full-time with a salary of between $55 and $68 per hour.

Requirements for the employment of an interpreter:

The perfect candidate for the role of interpreter is a bilingual individual who has the time and availability to make regional trips within the San Antonio metropolitan area and to the border area. In addition, it is necessary that you meet the requirements listed below, otherwise you will not be considered in the selection and recruitment process that will be carried out in the following weeks.

  • Speak Spanish natively (ILR 3+ level)
  • Speak English at an advanced level (Fluent level)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of interpretation and translation
  • ability to meet ethical standards of interpretation
  • familiarity with military terminology
  • operational security capability
  • Extensive communication skills
  • Availability to travel
  • Time availability
  • 5 years of previous experience in a similar position
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How to apply for the job of advanced Spanish interpreter?

The offer of employment for the position of advanced Spanish interpreter in Texas was published by the company CLI Solutions on the Simply Hired online portal, where they specified the activities to be carried out within the work day. Do you meet the requirements? If you meet the requirements described above and want to apply, click here to send your resume. Take into account that the second filter of the selection process consists of an interview, later they will carry out language skills tests and a criminal record check, all of this to evaluate the candidates and be able to select the one that best suits the profile they are looking to hire. .

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