Thalí García’s message in the midst of Maripily’s conflict with the fourth Earth – El Diario NY

Thalí García’s message in the midst of Maripily’s conflict with the fourth Earth – El Diario NY

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Thalí GarcíaMexican actress, uploaded a publication to her X account in the midst of the conflict that occurs between Maripily Rivera and the fourth Tierra from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’.

To make it clear that she supports the members of this team, with the exception of the Puerto Rican actress, the former inhabitant of the house wrote: “Divaza, Lupe, Clovis, Ari & Rome are people that I will always, always love in a very peculiar way, because they are the only ones who lived with me, something that has completely changed my life. In the good and in the bad. My support, my heart and my team are with them.”

In the reactions of his publication there was a message from a user, who reminded him of some differences he had in the Tierra room: “I bought it from Divaza, Lupe and Clovis, but the rest, we all saw how hypocrites were with you in the house ”.

Given this, the Mexican told him: “I know there were ugly moments, but in life it’s not all black and white, there are nuances, there were moments where we also connected and had a good time. In the end: I decide to keep the good. Resentment only makes the soul sick.”

Thalí García and her differences with Maripily Rivera

When she participated in the reality show, the artist had some run-ins with the Puerto Rican, who has an explosive character that some like, but others not so much.

When they reconciled, they both got along very well and even had a lot of complicity, but this ended when Thalí decided to leave the house and from the outside she began to insist that she supported the fourth Earth, but made little mention of Maripily.

There was even one occasion when he referred to her as the bad apple of the group.

Now this prediction of the Mexican woman came true because she has fallen out with the members of the fourth Earth.

This situation could have harsh consequences for her because she is nominated and, according to what has been seen on the networks, many were upset that she voted against Lupillo Rivera, so she could leave next Monday.

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